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What Will Happen When You Do Planks Daily?

Bodyweight exercises are gaining such a huge following because of its sense of practicality and simplicity. Bodyweight exercises are a forms of exercises that make use of a person’s own weight to get in shape. Doing planking is one of the most common ways to practice bodyweight exercises. It is effective, requires little time investment and guarantees results after a short time.


Strengthening the core is an important factor in an injury-free workout. Since abdominal muscles must be able to support the back and spinal column, a strengthened core through regular training is vital. This is where planks come in- an excellent way to train and strengthen the core muscles in order for it to be a better support for the spine.

When you start doing planks every day without fail, you:


  • Will have an improved core performance

In working out the abdominal muscles, planking is an ideal exercise because they train the major core muscles such as the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, glutes and external oblique muscle. Strengthening these major core muscles will result in an improved ability when it comes to lifting weights, higher sports performance, improved stability in bending and twisting, a stronger back and a shapely behind.


  • Will have a decreased rate of getting back and spinal column injuries

Doing planks daily allows for the building of muscles that offer support when doing spine and hip-focused workouts. In addition, regular plank exercises significantly decreases back pain and offers stronger back support, particularly the upper back area.


  • Will have an overall increase in metabolism boost

Daily planking workouts challenges the entire body because they lead to burning out more calories compared to more traditional abdominal workouts. The muscles strengthened in doing planks on a daily basis will result to burning more energy even when the body is at rest. This type of benefit is important for people who spend the majority of their daily hours sitting in front of their computer. In doing a 10-minute plank home exercise before or after getting back from work, an enhanced metabolism is observed even when sleeping.


  • Will have improved posture

Daily planking, like majority of abdominal workouts, help in your ability to stand straight and have a more stable posture. A strengthened core is key to maintaining proper posture at all times. This is because abdominal muscles tend to have an overall effect on the shoulders, neck and back, and chest area.


  • Will enjoy improved balance

Most of us have problems involving balance and this is usually because of low abdominal strength. Doing planks and side planks greatly enhance balance and consequently, boost overall sports and exercise performance.


  • Will be more flexible than ever

Strong abdominal muscles will yield a more flexible body. Planks expand your posterior muscles (collarbone and shoulders) and stretch the hamstrings, toes and feet. The side planks on the other hand, work out the oblique muscles, making them stronger. Stronger oblique muscles helps in the hyper-extension of toes, a crucial movement when it comes to supporting body weight.


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