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What Goes Inside the Black Box

The world is consumed by one of Aviation’s greatest mystery – so far. After many days of arduous searching, authorities finally identified the possible spot where flight MH 370 might have crashed. Malaysia Prime Minister announced in a press conference that the plane is somewhere in the vastness of Indian Ocean.


The exact spot is not yet identified but Malaysian authorities are certain that it is somewhere in Indian Ocean. Many countries help Malaysia including Singapore but there are still many things to do and many portions to cover. The families of the passengers and cabin crew are still looking for answers.


The good news is that the data saved inside the box will not be lost even if the battery runs out. If the battery runs out, the pinging or the sonar will stop sending signal. It will not function. This will make the task of searching the wreckage even harder. United States of America Navy deployed Towed Pinger Locator (a listening device) to assist the search.The answer lies in the black box. The black box is known as flight data recorder. It contains a lot of answers that is why authorities manically search for it. You should know that all planes have black boxes in case things happen. However, people are starting to get worried again because the life span of the black box is 30 days and it will soon run out of battery.

US Navy uses this technology for many years now. They successfully identified some black boxes and wreckage for twenty years now. Let us just hope that the black box will be uncovered soon. Singaporeans need answers. Families need closer.





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