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Unveiling Apple’s New iPhone Series


Every year or so, many Singaporeans are anticipating the unveiling of the new iPhone. The good news is last September 7, Apple already unveiled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It was officially introduced by the CEO Tim Cook. He said that so far, it is the best iPhone ever created.

What makes iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the best ever created? Here are some of its features:

Slick design

All smartphones now have slick design. This kind of design looks classy and beautiful. As for the new iPhone, it has actually a high gloss finish which means seamless lines around. You will be happy to know that the camera is more protected because of its enclosure.

Force sensitive home button

You are used to clicking the home button but for the new iPhone, you do not need that force. It boasts of what they call “taptic engine” that is force sensitive. This feels like you are navigating through your computer’s track pad.

More resistant

Your previous iPhones are not invincible to dust and water but not the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is proud of its stronger phone enclosure that is more dust and water resistant.

Improved camera

Perhaps the most beloved feature of iPhone users is the camera so the developers did nothing but to improve it. They guarantee that you can take a lovely selfie if you want to. Some improvements include optical image stabilizer which has the power to steady your shaky hands whilst taking, it also boasts of lens that permit more light and 12 megapixel sensor plus 4 LEDs on its flash.

Enhanced speaker

Do not forget about the speaker or stereo-quality. The developers said that the new iPhone has enhanced speaker with one at the bottom and one at the top. This is for increased coverage or range.

No more headphone jack

Apple made a bold move because they removed the headphone jack however it gave way to a new level of headphone called Airbuds. The Airbuds is wireless and it connects to your phone via Apple’s W1 chip. You can easily access Siri by tapping it twice.

Better chip

As for the performance, it will not fall short. Its chip is A10 Fusion which is 120 times quicker than the chip of the first iPhone released. As for the graphics, it is 50% quicker than its A9 predecessor. There will be no 16 GB as it will start at 32 GB storage.

No reports yet as  to when it will be available here in Singapore. You can only remain calm and wait for it. iPhone 7 costs USD 649 while iPhone 7 Plus costs USD 769. The AirBuds are sold separately at USD 159.

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