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Traveling Tokyo

A guide to exploring the capital of Japan and what it has to offer


Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is a perfect mix of modern and traditional ways. Here we see how taking technology to new heights and upholding tradition clash. This strong contrast makes Tokyo an interesting travel destination because it offers the best of both worlds.


You can be awed by the advancement in technology and marvel in the different historical sites in Tokyo. An enjoyable shopping and dining experience also makes the stay more delightful.

If you’re a wee bit clueless on what to do when you get to Tokyo, we give you some ideas on what activities you can take part in.



You can book a flight from Singapore directly to Tokyo. The travel can last for an estimated six to seven hours.



Tokyo Park Hyatt Hotel

One of the top concerns when traveling is where to stay. If you are one to enjoy luxurious hotels, then book a suite in Tokyo Park Hyatt. Located in Shinjuku Park Tower’s top 14 floors, this 5-star hotel offers a splendid view of Mount Fuji. Here you can also see the wonderful city lights of Tokyo at night. Room rates start at US$480.


Mercure Hotel Ginza Tokyo

This hotel is a good choice for budget travel because of its midrange accommodation prices. It is conveniently located near the subway so being transported to different places won’t be a problem. Big establishments like the Kabuki Theatre, Ginza Shopping Street and the Tsukiji Fish Market are a ston’es throw away from the hotel.




Tokyo’s food establishments range from cheap ramen stalls to high end restaurants. Travelers from any budget range can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine in the capital.


Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji, one of the world’s largest fish markets, opens at dawn and caters to different visitors and buyers who want to purchase fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits. Souvenir shops and sushi places are also located here.


The neighborhood

The neighborhoods of Daikanyama and Shimokitazawa are great venues of Tokyo’s sub-cultures. You can travel through this neighborhoods and explore at your own pace. Street music, cozy cafes and stylish restaurants can keep you company.


Shrines and temples

If you want to enjoy the slow and quiet part of Tokyo, then different shrines and temples can be a good change of scenery. The Meiji Shrine in Shibuya is one of the most visited shrines in Tokyo. You will also be amazed by the intricate structure of these temples and shrines.


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