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Tips on How to Avoid Burnout


You take pride in doing pristine work. You even dedicate all of your time for the betterment of your career. There is nothing wrong if you want to be promoted but if it includes abusing the body, you should tread carefully. Ever heard about burnout? Burnout means state of mental or physical collapse caused by stress or overwork.

The question now is do you have work-balance? This means spending equal time doing work as well as with oneself or the family. Many Singaporeans forget about this concept so it is time to re-introduce it to everybody. If you accept more work than your body can handle, you are prone to burnout. Stop pushing the body too hard. Without you realizing, your productivity will wane, you will feel tired easily and you are on the brink of breakdown.

Now that you are aware, it is time you avoid burnout. Here are some tips on avoiding it:

  1. Plan. Nothing can go wrong if you plan ahead. You have to have a clear schedule. Burnout happens if you mismanage your time causing you to exert more effort in completing a number of tasks. When you do not manage your time, you are always keeping up with missed deadlines thereby causing more stress and burnout. If you already know your deliverables, make a schedule so you


  1. Outline your expectations with others. Sometimes your manager or clients will ask for sudden favours that can affect your deliverables. If you are going to accommodate them, it can create a backlog in your work and you will be forced to work even harder just to keep up with the deadlines. If you do not outline your expectations at the onset, your manager or clients will continually do it thinking it is okay with you.


  1. Talk. Things can be overwhelming at times that you have this kind of mental clutter – you do not know what to do or if you should pursue it. This is the perfect time that you ask for the help of your friends, loved ones and possibly support groups. Do not hesitate to seek for help.


  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working in an environment where you constantly keep up with deliverables and deadlines, you need all the power you can get. You can do this by maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Do not forego sleep because it will only make matters worse. Sleep at least eight hours every night, eat healthy foods and more importantly, exercise regularly. Do not abuse the body because you will suffer maybe not now but in the near future.


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