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The Truths about Finding Inner Happiness


We live in the world where happiness is more than just earning enough money to get by – that is just superficial. Happiness is finding pleasure in everything we do and somehow that seems hard to achieve. There are even Singaporeans who do not know how it feels to be happy with what they are doing. So what is happiness? Said Gandhi, we achieve happiness is when what we think, say, and do are all in harmony.


Sounds easy but it can actually be complicated if you do not know what makes you happy. Happiness is subjective and happiness will resonate to their work, family and other relationships. If you are still looking for things that make you happy, you are not alone. There are actually many people busy with their journey towards self-actualization.

The good news is that once you realized some truths about happiness, you can finally decide on things that make you happy and eventually achieve inner peace. Here are some truths about finding inner happiness:

  • You only have the power to define you: There is no one in the world with greater power to define you than yourself. There are times that you get affected with the opinions and circumstances of others but do not let it define you. Do not allow them to influence you because if you give up your essence, you will surely feel heavy and negative towards situation.

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sun

  • You have everything you need: Never think that you are lacking or that the world gave you insufficient things. Take time in realizing that you have everything you need and you only need to look closely. Remember that you are gifted with everything from insight to talent needed to thrive in this world. Once you realize this, you will see the world full of potential and happiness.


  • Perfection is just an illusion: To love yourself, you have to accept that you are imperfect and that the world is also imperfect. To strive for perfection, is a dead goal. The society tells us the images of perfection. Be wise enough not to believe it.


  • There is only now: You have to live in the now and stop looking back to the past or get anxious about the future. You can dwell on the past and reflect on your mistakes or visualize your future but never live in those moments.


  • Be the full expression of yourself: You are unique and the universe only asks one thing – be the full expression of yourself. That is how you honour the life that is given to you. You have to be the full expression of yourself so you can leave a mark on all those you meet in this world.


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