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The Smart Fabric

The coolest and the best gadgets are at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition. CES is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event transpired from January 7-10, 2014. If you witnessed this event, for sure you were amazed with the things that you saw from printers that can create sugary treats to curve televisions and talking fridge.


What else stood out? A French company introduced smart fabrics that are embedded with micro-sensors. This is the idea of Cityzen Sciences who joined the 2014 CES. The company calls this “smart sensing” material. Here are the features of the fabric or material:

  • Reads body heat

If you want to know your body heat, you do not need to look for a thermometer. You can conveniently track your body heat by wearing clothing made of “smart sensing” fabric or material.


  • Reads heart rate

If you are constantly tracking your heart rate because you have a condition, you can easily know your heart rate by wearing something made from “smart sensing” fabric or material. You do not need devices that are complicated.

  • Reads motion

If you are wearing something out of “smart sensing” fabric or material, it will read your motion. Whether you are lying or sitting, it will know. It will also know if you are unwell or weary.


  • Reads location

The smart fabric can also read your location. If you are lost, you will surely find your way home. If you like to go somewhere, you can be taught of the direction. Your clothing will tell you where you are.

The good thing about the fabric is that it can be shaped into different clothing like pants, gloves, shorts, skirts, etc. The next time you consider a fabric, just think of “smart sensing” and your life will be better.

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