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The Next Big Thing: Android Wear

You wish you have a secretary to remind you of all things and who can do many things for you. Thankfully you can have that without taking advantage of others. You should know that Android Wear has finally come. It is available in the market and many Singaporeans are reaping its benefits. If you are not familiar with Android Wear, it is time that you get acquainted to it.


Android Wear is confident to provide information that will move with you. Here’s what Android Wear can do:

  • It will serve as your organizer: Like a secretary, Android Wear will give you the information you need before you ask for it. It has the capacity to organize your information and recommend what you need.
  • It will respond to messages: You can respond to text messages from your friends and even reply to an email by simply saying “Ok Google”. It will execute the task right away without being prompted to do it again.
  • It will remind you of your fitness goals: Whenever you look at your watch, you will see your fitness goals since it will give your daily summaries. For instance, it will show your heart rate as well as step count. To avail of this feature, your watch should be equipped with heart rate monitors.


  • It can connect to your Android phone: Of course, it will allow you to connect to your Android phone. Who says it can do less on your wrist? It can respond to text messages quickly plus it can play music. To avail of this feature, your phone should run under Android 4.3 or higher.
  • It can get weather updates: Before going to work, you can get weather updates. You will even know the haze situation.
  • It will remind you of your appointment: Like a secretary, Android Wear will remind you of your appointment. You will be reminded of important details like time and venue of your appointment.
  • It is your travel buddy: Android Wear will serve as your travel and commuting buddy. It will tell you how long it will take you to get to your office. It will also remind you of your flight information before you even head for the airport.
  • It will control your music: You can actually say “Ok Google play some music” and your Android Wear will play music for you. It can play, pause and even skip tracks.
  • Other things it can do: Android Wear will search whatever you need. For example, you can easily say “Ok Google what time is it in America?” It will answer you.

Android Wear is available on Google Play. You can buy it. Many Singaporeans have tried it. It is time that you try it. This is no ordinary thing.


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