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The Most Popular Legends in Singapore

Singapore is known for their many legends and myths. In fact, the country’s name was also a legend as it was got from the name Singapura or the Lion City.

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1. Singapura Myth

During the 1297A.D. Sang Nila Utama (king of Sumatra, Indonesia) first discovered Singapore. He found a beach with white sand on it and so e decided to go to the island. All of a sudden a lion came out and many believed that it is a very lucky symbol. After the appearance of the Lion, King Sang named the island as “Singapura”.

2.       Pulau Ubin

This is another famous legend in Singapore. Once upon a time, there was a pig, frog and elephant that decided to have a contest for who will be the first to reach Johor shores and the one who fail to reach the end will become a stone. Unluckily, no one survived the race, thus, they all became stones and turn into a beautiful island called the Island of Pulau Ubin.


3.       Sisters’ Islands

This is a story of the sisters namely Linah and Minah. They are sisters who are close to each other and love to go at the Southern coast of Singapore to search for the brothers who will marry them. However, a tragedy happened. Linah was caught by the pirates of the sea. Since Minah is so worried, she dived in the sea but Linah wasn’t there. After what happened to Minah, Linah was freed by the pirates and immediately dived in the water to find Minah. However, she also died. The next day, to island has seen in the sea that is believed that they are Linah and Minah.



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