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The Common Contributors of Exhaustion  


The city is not in the midst of energy crisis per se but its people are. Singaporeans should have more reasons to continue living vivaciously because we are well-provided but there are days that no amount of lighting and sound can boost us thus the exhaustion.


Exhaustion is normal here in Singapore but we have to deal with this so we will be productive at home or at work. With this, we should learn to identify common contributors of exhaustion so we can take actions. Here are the common contributors of exhaustion:

  • You are not getting enough sleep: Alright, you guessed right. Sleeping is the most common contributors of exhaustion. You sleep but is it enough? Ideally, you need at least six to eight hours of sleep. Sleeping is crucial because it helps in the secretion of human growth hormone. If you notice it, not enough sleep will lead to decreased stamina, fatigue and depression.
  • You are eating more junk: You slept for eight hours and more yet you still feel sluggish. This time you have to reflect on your eating habits. Your sluggishness is the body’s way of telling you that you are eating more junk. Do not forget to drink a lot of water all throughout the day.


  • You are low in vitamins: Your low energy is usually caused by low vitamin B level. Vitamin B is good for the mitochondria that can transform energy. You need to absorb more vitamin B either through diet or pills.
  • You have an infection: One can hardly move comfortably with infections. The secret here is to monitor the body so that infections will not stay long.

We can battle exhaustion if we really want to.


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