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Simple Relief for Constipation

A frequent bowel movement feels good but not all people appreciate the feeling. There are many people that suffer constipation these days. Constipation is characterized by bowel difficulty with less than three bowel movements per week. Actually there are some who suffer severely with just one bowel movement per week. Constipation is unsettling and frustrating. If you want to know more about constipation, here’s a general idea:


Causes and symptoms of constipation

Causes of constipation include pregnancy, eating disorder, depression, laxative overuse, antacid and other medicines, water and fiber inadequacy in the diet, disruption of routine, stress, etc. Constipation may be a prelude to a more serious illness like colon cancer, hypothyroidism and Parkinson’s.

Symptoms vary. You can experience some or all of the following: nausea, vomiting, abdominal aches and difficulty or irregular bowel movements.


There are numerous treatments for constipation, the secret lies in determining the cause of the constipation. For example if the constipation is caused by low fiber diet, you should start eating foods with high fiber content. You can also try laxatives and exercise.

Determine if it is acute or chronic constipation

It is crucial that you learn to identify the type of constipation you are experiencing so you will know what to expect. Acute constipation requires immediate attention because it may be a symptom of other serious illness. If the constipation is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, rectal bleeding and abdominal pains or cramps, you should seek medical attention immediately. Chronic constipation on the other hand may not require immediate medical attention though it is advisable to seek the doctor to find relief.

Doctors will conduct series of tests to make sure that you are safe. They will consider blood tests and colonoscopy.

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