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Must-Know Legends of Singapore

The name Singapore was actually a myth. It came from the name Singapura which means the City of Lion. The island was founded by King Sang Nila Utama – the king of Sumatra, Indonesia – during the 1297A.D.


Another myths and legends include the following:

1.       Redhill and Tanjong Pagar

The story here is about vengeance and envy. There was one time a fisherman came to the sea to get some fish. Unluckily, he was being attacked by a swordfish. Because he wanted to catch more fish, he decided to go to the Sultan and beg for help. But he hasn’t received any help. Because the Sultan didn’t want to help the fisherman, he put a barrier in the sea to catch many fish. However, the Sultan was very angry about the fisherman so he planned to kill him. He killed the fisherman in the sea that is why the blood spilled to the sea making the hill red in color.

2.       Radin Mas

The island Radin Mas is an island that is named to a Javanese princess. She was Princess Radin Mas Ayu (sweet golden princess in Javanese).


3.       Merlion

This is one of the most popular legends in Singpaore. The story of the Merlion flooded in the island of Singapore making many people to know about it. Once upon a time, people are praying for the common good. Suddenly, the answers came instantly. The people saw a creature but it is subsiding in the sea.

4.       Badang and the Singapore Stone

This is a story of a fisherman named Badang. Badang is always reaching out to God to be the world’s strongest person and it was answered. After it was granted, he fought with a man from Indian named Bijaya and he threw a rock in the Singapore river.


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