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Medical Breakthrough: Replacing or Rebuilding a Body Part


When we lose car parts, we complain but the fact remains that it can be replaced. When we lose a body part, we can only groan because it cannot be replaced. But that is not the case anymore. People who lose a body part can now live a long, happy and satisfied life. Thanks to science, body parts can be replaced and rebuilt.

Here’s the list of the body parts that can be replaced and rebuilt:


  • Teeth: It is not a surprise that teeth can be replaced and rebuilt. These days, decayed or damaged teeth can be restored through dentures, implants and bridges.
  • Hip: For people who are suffering from arthritis, they can feel better now with the help of hip replacements. The surgery includes the removal of the damaged cartilage and bone located in the hip then replacing it with a prosthetic ball and socket.
  • Face: Plastic surgeons are now offering to rebuild the faces of victims of abuse or violence. Plastic surgeons offer reconstructive rhinoplasty especially for women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • Breasts: Women with breast cancer suddenly lose their appetite for living and their self confidence. They do not need to deal with that. Women who endured mastectomy can undergo a procedure that can reconstruct the breasts.
  • Blood vessels & heart tissue: You know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Scientists are looking for ways to rebuild the injured heart. Stem cell breakthrough can help with fix the vital organ. Though this procedure is not yet available, this looks promising.
  • Bladder: Bladder is the first organ that was rebuilt in a laboratory setting. Its success is notable. The cells of the patients are used to build their own bladders.


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