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How much will it Cost You to Live in SG?

If you are moving to Singapore, it is important that you determine first the cost of living so you will know what to expect when you get there. You should know that the cost of living in Singapore is quite high than other countries in Asia.

If your compensation package comprises of benefits like transportation, housing and other allowances, living in Singapore is comfortable. However if your compensation does not include transportation, housing and other allowances, you can still find something that will surely fit your budget.


Here are some factors that you need to consider:

Accommodation and Utilities

You can choose to buy or rent serviced apartments, condominiums, HBD flats and private apartments. For serviced apartments, the monthly rental range from S$7000 to S$14000. Condominiums range from S$4500 to S$15000. HBD flats range from S$2200 to S$3000. Private apartments range from S$5000 to S$7000.

Aside from the monthly rental, you need to pay utilities to include bills (light, water, phone, internet, phone subscription and cable), gas and many more. You should set at least S$200 to S$600 a month for your utilities expenses.



Food prices in Singapore are relatively inexpensive. At the end of the day, the cost of food depends on how extravagant are. If you want to eat out, there are various restaurants and hawkers in Singapore. You can expect foods that cost S$5 to S$200. If you want to cook at home, you can set your budget from S$1000 to S$1500 per month.


In Singapore, you can choose to ride the public transport, taxi and your private car. Public transport is the least expensive. MRT and bus fare will cost you about S$150 to S$300 per month. Taxi fare depends on the mile and the taxi company. There are surcharges that you need to remember. For private cars, you need a fuel or petrol to keep it running. A litre of petrol costs S$2.15 to S$3. It depends upon you how many litres you want.

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