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Gadgets Featured in IFA 2015  

September is the month where techs around the world gather in Berlin to showcase their latest innovations. This is known as IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) – an annual event. As of 2013, IFA is considered the largest consumer electronics trade fair.


Here are some gadgets featured in the event:

  • Huawei Watch: Huawei is making a name for itself these days. The company introduced smartwatch which boasts of OLED Sapphire display. The watch features two days of battery life together with the ‘most advanced heart rate tracker in the world’.
  • Huawei Mate S: Huawei’s flagship product is smartphones. This is China’s attempt to take over iPhones. The smartphone is pressure sensitive.
  • Technics Turntable: In 2014, Panasonic revived the hi-fi brand called Technics. This year, Technics feature modern turntable.


  • Panasonic CZ950 4K LED TV: Panasonic led the way in TV innovation. Their CZ950 4K LED TV proved that. In fact, they are the first in the world certified in 4k by THX – a movie audio visual expert. The company also commissioned the help of the famous movie colorist Mike Sowa to help them build this one of a kind LED TV. Oh, did we mention it is about 65 inches?
  • Sphero BB-8: In preparation for the release of the futuristic Star Wars VII, Sphero also revealed their remote-controlled version of ‘rolling’. The robot is about 10cm tall and can be controlled with the use of a smartphone application. It also features ‘virtual holograms’. Welcome to the future!

These are just some of the gadgets, there are hundreds more. Next year, if we want to personally see the innovations before it is officially introduced in the market, we will have to leave Singapore and visit Berlin. It will be a great experience.


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