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For the Tech Savvy Senior Citizens

Who said that the technology is only for the young? Old people can also enjoy technology because, after all, it is for everybody. For senior citizens with particular interests in computers, they will be happy to know that the Government has started an IT helpline, which seeks to help seniors with computer related problems. Furthermore, the IT helpline can assist seniors when it comes to solving technical problems specifically in the hardware and software.


The Silver IT Care

This IT helpline is called The Silver IT Care. This program is carried out by RSVP (Organization for Silver Volunteers), C3A (Council for the Third Age) and Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority. The IT helpline will commence next month. What makes this unique is the call agents; call agents are trained senior volunteers.

Prioritizing the Elderly

Only the elderly can know and understand the difficulties of other elderly. We should give importance to our seniors because without them, Singapore will not be like this. Aside from the soon to be IT helpline, there are many benefits of senior citizens here in Singapore. The helpline will be open from 10am-4pm, Mondays to Fridays.



When we talk about senior citizens, it refers to Singaporeans and PRs (Permanent Residents) aged 60 years and above. For example, when you go to establishments, you are entitled to some discounts. There are others that will let you in for free. In the case of the ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum), seniors can enter for free. If seniors wan to catch a movie, they are discounted too. Not only that, seniors will also get discounts when they ride public transports.

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