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Foot Reflexology Therapy Relieves Chronic Pain

The modern medical science does not provide complete cure in many ailments and diseases as it is based upon symptoms and works to provide relief in the symptoms of a disease. There are currently different foot massage treatment procedures and techniques that are being used in different cultures since time immemorial and are today referred to as alternate healing techniques. Foot reflexology is one such healing technique that is called alternative medicine therapy and includes applying pressure to different points on the feet of the patient that reflexologists claim to relate with different organs in the body. There are many practitioners of foot reflexology in Singapore running their clinics.

Reflexology originated 5000 years ago

Reflexology is believed to have originated thousands of years ago in China where it was believed that different points on the foot of a person correspond to important organs of that person. If these points could be pressured or manipulated, it was possible to bring relief in the diseases in the corresponding organs. Some believe it to be manipulation of nerve endings of the body during a foot massage to bring relief in stress and pain in body parts while the Chinese practitioners believe Singapore foot reflexology to be just like acupressure that corrects imbalances in life forces inside the individual. Whatever the reason behind its efficacy, the fact is that thousands of middle aged and old citizens in Singapore find foot reflexology vary calming and relaxing. They also believe that this alternate medicine therapy brings relief in symptoms of many of their chronic pain and diseases.

Modern foot reflexology in Singapore is credited to Dr William Fitzgerald

Foot reflexology was introduced to the western world by Dr William Fitzgerald in the early part of 20th century though in Singapore; the practice is centuries old because of the large proportion of people of Chinese origin living in this city state. The practice today in the western world is based upon the observation of Dr William that pressure application to different points in the foot of a person, such as during a foot massage, brings relief for chronic pain in different other parts of his body. He divided the body into 10 zones corresponding to 10 points in the foot of a person and devised procedures of applying pressure to these points that form the basis of treatment in foot reflexology. Dr William it is who is credited with making the first reflexology chart. Today this chart and reflexology itself has become an integral part of alternate healing techniques being employed in nature cure clinics.

Manipulation of pressure points in foot brings relief in body pains and aches

The basis of foot reflexology is that that our hands and feet make reflexes that are natural and relate to all other body parts and organs. The experts of this ancient science know the exact pressure points on the feet of a patient that correspond to pain in his different body parts. They apply just the right pressure on these points and make movements that bring a blissful experience for the patients and they feel as if all their pain and suffering is gone at least for the time of the session they are having at the expert’s clinic. What actually happens is that by manipulating these pressure points, therapists remove blockages in blood flow thereby restoring a balance in the energy of the body.

Any foot massage session at a foot reflexology clinic begins by the therapist asking some questions to understand the present condition of the patient and his pain centers. They then start based upon their knowledge of the reflexology chart and their experience of having worked on similar patients before. The reaction of the patient to pressure application points also guide therapists during the session.

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