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Event Logistics in Creating Tentage for an Event

Whether you’re planning to throw a grand launching event or a small get-together party with some of your close friends or family, the procedure of planning a party remains the same. Looking for a venue, choosing the menu, and decorating the entire area to match the theme of the event are all necessary to make the event possible.

Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and weddings are just some of the special events that requires you to make appropriate choices of reputable Nanyang tentage rental company in Singapore for your party preparations. Party tents make excellent venue options for any kind of events; however, you need to keep an eye on some very important details to make sure that your outdoor party is a success.


Points to Remember When Choosing Tent Location

  • Large tents, such as frame tents and clear span tents, require enough time to mount and dismount. Ask your tentage rental company about the exact dates of tent assembly and disassembly, and time duration needed for it to be completely done. Will it take them one day or one week to complete the task?
  • Next thing to consider is the surface area of the tent site. Let your Singapore tent supplier check the site by asking them to come over before the scheduled tent mounting date. Different ground surfaces, such as concrete, lawn, sand, field, etc., require different types of fasteners to hold the tents in place.
  • Most parties require audio system units, lights, water supply, and heating or cooling equipment. Therefore, tents should be located near a power supply to support any electric equipment needed for your event.
  • Lastly, consider the floor space allotted for the tent. Tents that need guy ropes need extra spaces for it to be mounted. For instance, a standard-sized tent of 20 x 20 feet may require a 30 x 30 feet ground space for the guy ropes to be properly installed.


Points to Remember When Assembling the Tents

  • Prepare a floor plan of the tent location to show your tent rental provider. Determine its location in relation to other objects, buildings, and structures. Also, consider window directions, and the entry and exit points to avoid heavy traffic in some areas on the day of the event.
  • After identifying the locations of specific points, plan how the interiors of the tent will be arranged. Locate where the tables and chairs should be placed, as well as the buffet and bar, and the dance floor and the DJ area. Tables and chairs usually occupy the most area of the tent while the buffet and bar are located at the sides.


The Legal Aspects

  • If events are planned to take place in Singapore public areas, like parks, you need to secure door-passes to enter the site. The tentage rental assembly crew should have these passes in advance for them to be allowed to mount the tent at the site on time.
  • You’re also required to secure an approval certification from the local authorities regarding the staging of the event and the setting up of the tents.
  • If you’re planning for a big Singapore event, like concerts, trade fairs, and product launchings, you may need to employ the services of your local police. Notifying and employing police patrol services may be required to avoid any form of chaos during the event.

Other Things to Consider

  • Need for waste disposal services
  • Use of portable toilets
  • For big events, the presence of an ambulance may be required

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