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Different Types of Diet, Will it Work?  


Slimming is not as easy as gaining it. There are many diets that we can consider but somehow we consider the “-free” diet. These diets are the latest trend but their appeal could be more than mere craze – it can benefit us if we are serious about it.


What are the different types of diets? Will it work for us? Here’s the list of the diets and we can try them all until we find the one thing that truly benefits us:

  • Carb-free: Carbohydrates are not bad at all. In fact, carbohydrates are one of the main types of nutrients – it is the body’s source of energy. Cutting back carbs are good for people with high sugar levels. For those who want to lose weight, the trick is to reduce bad carb intake and increase good carbs like oats, brown rice, whole grain breads, poultry, meat and dairy. This type of diet is the most difficult because of the body’s intense cravings. We have to be disciplined to be successful.


  • Sugar-free: We have to know that sugar-free is not a good choice for people who want to lose weight. Sugar-free diet’s function is to stabilize blood sugar levels not to decrease weight. The weight loss we encounter is merely an effect of body’s balancing of blood glucose levels. This diet will be effective if done in moderation.
  • Glutenfree: Gluten gives wheat, oats and rye the chewy sensation. Gluten-free foods are already making its wave here in Singapore but it cannot be as effective as low carb diet. Gluten-free foods are for people who suffer celiac disease not for losing weight.

If we truly want to lose weight, diets will not be sufficient. We have to move.


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