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Colour of Our Eyes Determine Alcoholism Risk  


They say that eyes are the windows of one soul. In the recent studies, it does not only tell one’s soul but possibly one’s diseases or risk. Let it be known that the colour of our eyes may determine alcoholism risk. This study is intriguing but it can be useful in alcohol dependency diagnosis not only here in Singapore but the whole world.


According to the researchers of University of Vermont’s Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, people with light colour eyes (that is, blue, gray, green and light brown) may have higher risk of alcoholism than those with dark brown eyes.

Many Singaporeans are kind of skeptical about this but the researchers revealed their method. The study included 1, 263 respondents (Americans with European ancestry); the group is composed of 992 people identified with alcohol dependence and 271 who are not alcoholics. At the end of the study, researchers established that the degree of alcohol dependence is 54% higher among people with light coloured eyes than those with dark brown eyes.


Their study further revealed that the occurrence of alcoholism is the highest for people with blue eyes – the rate is about 80%. Despite the discovery, the researchers still do not know the reasons about the link but they continue to examine it.

Aside from revealing alcohol dependency, the colour of the eyes can also reveal people’s risk of addiction, psychiatric illness and other behavioural problems. For a detailed discussion of the study, it can be read at the July issue of the American Journal of Medical Genetics: Neuropsychiatric Generics (Part B).


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