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How to Preserve Your Bridal Flowers After the Wedding Day

A bridal bouquet serves as a precious memento of your special wedding day. While Mother Nature will work her way into wilting your flowers after a period of time, the good news is, there is a way for you to preserve your beautiful blooms for the rest of your life.

Considering all the efforts of your wedding florist and yours combined over picking the perfect floral decor for the big day, it is only natural to desire to hold onto the flowers for a long time. Not to mention, it serves as the perfect keepsake after the wedding. Even when all the wedding cake’s been eaten and all the wedding favors has been handed out, you can always remember the special day once again by looking at your well-preserved flowers.

You do not necessarily have to spend so much on preserving your wedding day flowers. While there are a few floral shops in Singapore who can help you with preserving your flowers, there are also other methods which you can personally do at home. The bridal flowers that you got from mood fleur wedding florist packages in Singapore that you can preserve aren’t only limited to those which are in your bouquet, you can also include a few stems from your centerpiece decors and the like if you deem it fit.

Air drying

Air drying is considered as the most traditional technique to dry your wedding floral decor, not to mention, it is also one of the easiest. This is convenient for brides who are on a strict budget control after the wedding considering you won’t need that many tools and materials to get this process done. Simply gather some flowers from your bouquet or even from your wedding car decor in a bunch. Also, secure them together in a rubber band before you hang them upside down.

Choose a well-ventilated area which is away from direct sunlight to do this process, ideally in an empty closet or from your kitchen rafters. This process will allow you to see the petals shrink and change their colors for yourself. After a few weeks, you will have dried, beautiful flowers in their vintage hues.

Wax preservation

Another method of preserving your wedding day flowers involves the process of preserving the petals in wax. Though this method doesn’t retain the original shape and condition of the flowers, the petals make a good addition in creating your own candles. You can even include some petals from the blooms in your wedding car decor or centerpiece display.

You can also personalize your candles by choosing a particular color and scent that brings you back to your special day. Making a bunch of candles filled with floral petals is also a good token of appreciation to your bridesmaids, your wedding florist, or to family members who were present during the wedding.

Use silica gel

Ever wondered what those silica gel in small, white packets ever do? They’re commonly found in vitamin containers and brand new commercial products since they are effective in controlling moisture and humidity to prevent the degradation of said goods. Silica gel is also effective in preserving your wedding flowers, particularly those with sturdy nature such as roses and zinnias. Consult with your wedding florist if there’s a way to include more sturdy flowers in your wedding day floral package. The more sturdy flowers you have, the better it is for preserving them after.

If you don’t have enough packets of silica gel at hand, you can always drop by the many craft stores within Singapore to buy some. Find a large container and fill it with silica gel before burying your blooms on it. You can expect to uncover well-preserved flowers after a few days or a whole week.

Flower pressing

This method might not retain the three-dimensional shape of your wedding flowers, but this is actually an effective way if you want to preserve your flowers for a long time to come. The flowers will need some time to dry though, before they can be pressed shortly afterwards using a flower press or even simple materials such as a heavy book.

You can actually do this simple process yourself. Taking the bridal bouquet apart, make sure to remove the stems from the flower buds. Place the buds on a few layers of absorbent paper, newsprint, or even old phone book pages before flattening them together. Give it around two to four weeks for the flowers to completely dry. Afterwards, you can have them framed or even included in a commemorative bookmark!

Dip them in gold

If your budget allows it, take a few stems of your floral decor and have them dipped in gold to look back on the memories of the day with a beautiful keepsake. This method of preserving flowers can make them last forever in a gorgeous appearance. While this process is still uncommon to a number of countries, this is turning to be increasingly popular in Singapore where orchid stems dipped in gold are often sold to tourists.

Taking this route in preserving your flowers may be dream-like and magical in a sense, but the thing is, it can get pricey. Even if you have ample budget, it is practical to have only one or two individual flowers dipped in gold.

Don’t let Mother Nature’s way hinder you from turning your wedding flowers into keepsakes you can hold onto for the rest of your life. While others would think of it as something overboard, it is completely understandable for brides to want to preserve their wedding day flowers. One’s wedding day is among the most important events that could happen in our lives — hence there is no harm in holding onto any keepsake which reminds you of that one special day. Who knows, preserving your bridal bouquet might just be something your future self will thank you for.

What is a Bridal Trunk Show

Wedding dress shopping can be both a pleasure and a pressure. With so much gorgeous selection, the pressure is definitely on to find ‘the one’ you’ll look and feel fabulous in. Add a trunk show into the mix, and we’re officially lost in the forest of wedding wilderness. But fret not, we have here some expert tips to help you jumpstart your wedding dress hunting.


What is a Bridal Trunk Show?

A bridal trunk show is a special event wherein a dress designer (or representatives from the company) visits a bridal studio with an entire line of new bridal dresses. Sometimes, it’s only a one-day event, but for more popular collections, it could last up to a week. Oftentimes, the designers themselves, of the stylists from the Singapore fashion house will help find the right dress for you. However, you will have to set an appointment for gown fitting, since most trunk shows don’t cater walk-in clients.

Why Do Bridal Boutiques Have Trunk Shows?

Since most wedding studios only carry a few dresses from a selected group of designers, bridal trunk shows give brides the opportunity to see and try on wedding dresses that do not ordinarily see at that particular bridal boutique. If you happen to find a dress from a best bridal boutique in Singapore during a trunk show and still need a bit of time to think through it, ask if the boutique carries it even after the show. If it doesn’t, ask the designer which stores carry it or just buy it at once.

When Are Bridal Trunk Shows Held?

Call each bridal studio in your locale and ask when and if there are trunk shows schedules. Bridal trunk shows in Singapore are planned ahead of time, so boutiques should be able to provide you a list of schedule. These shows only last for a couple of days, and appointments get booked up quickly so make sure to call early.

Tips for Attending Bridal Trunk Shows

1. Do Your Homework
It never hurts to plan ahead. If it’s a trunk show of an unfamiliar wedding dress designer, the more you need to research. Check the brand’s website and see his or her designs. Advance research will help narrow down your choices and at least minimize confusion.

2. Set an Appointment
Bridal trunk shows of popular designers fill up quickly, and although some studios cater walk-in clients, you’re sure to get undivided attention and have more pleasurable experience if the bridal boutique staff are expecting for you. Like any other retail outlets, bridal shops are usually crowded on weekends, so if you would like a relaxing experience while shopping for the dress of your dreams, go on weekdays.

3. Bring the Right Person With You
Trunk shows are busy events, so there isn’t much room for you to bring a lot of people. Bring your closest and trusted friend of family member who you know will give you the most honest feedback when trying on dresses.

4. Dress the Part
Bring the shoe, or wear the same heel height, you will be wearing on your wedding day. Likewise, wear whatever undergarments you’re planning to wear on the big day. For example, if you’re planning to wear Spanx, wear one to try on bridal dresses from Singapore. Conversely, do not wear any shaping garments if you’re not planning to wear one on your wedding—you want the fit and look to be as accurate as possible.


5. Don’t Skip the Front Liners
Just because they come in hefty price tag, doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out. The gowns displayed at the front section of the bridal studio are there—and are priced as such—for a reason. Usually, these gowns are the best creations and the most in-demand dresses of the company. If you want to look divine on your big day, give these front liners a chance. They may be more expensive than the rest of the designer’s collection, but trunk shows often offer discounts and great freebies that you can take advantage of.

6. Take Your Time
Expect to spend hours looking at gowns and trying them on. Most Singapore designers send 15 to 30 dresses in a bridal boutique, and it usually takes a while to try on and get a good look at each of the dresses. Depending on the crowd, also consider that you may have to wait to try on a dress. No problem though as you can continue browsing and sip a glass of champagne while waiting for your turn.

7. Trust the Experts
Be open-minded and trust the suggestions of your consultant. They know what’s flattering for every body shape and size, which designers specialize in the style you like, and they know what looks good. Go beyond your comfort zone and take their expert advice.

8. Have Cash On-Hand

Trunk shows usually offer special pricing and incentives for buying a wedding dress. The designer or the representatives often offer custom changes to gowns that are not in the bridal studio’s standard collection. Purchases made on the spot are also complemented with freebies, such as a free veil, shoes, or a matching bridal accessory. You can get great deals from bridal trunk shows so be ready to purchase if you decide to attend on one.

Bridal trunk shows are the best places for finding great dresses. Not only these events feature majestic bridal gowns, they also offer the best opportunities for scoring a reasonably priced designer dress. And although trunk show dresses are not anywhere near cheap, the add-ons and discounts make the deal much easier for the pocket.


Read This Before Buying That Diamond Ring  


It is the love month. We hear men proposing and women getting excited about their weddings come June. This should not pressure us but if you are thinking about settling down and proposing to your girl, it is time that you know critical points before buying that diamond ring. Diamond rings are symbols of love and commitment.


If you can afford one, why not indulge your girl? Every girl dreams of a diamond ring. Marriage is forever and so is diamond. You have done the most tedious part – looking for the right person. Now is the time to consider a diamond ring. Looking for a diamond ring is not that easy because there are many things that you have to consider. Here is a guide before buying that diamond ring:

Be familiar

It is important that you familiarize yourself with diamonds. You do not want to depend on the seller. You have to show that you are learned when it comes to this precious stone. Heard about the 4 Cs when it comes to diamonds? 4 Cs refer to color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These Cs are your guide to help you determine the real value of the stone. In the case of diamonds, the color can be from yellow to colourless. Remember that the more colourless it is, the more valuable. Clarity on the other hand is evaluated based on the existence of scratches and internal flaws. Cut talks about the light it refracts and carat weight refers to the heaviness. When buying a diamond, remember that a little of knowledge will bring you lots of troubles. It is therefore important to do your research and be familiar. Sometimes looking for the right one can be tedious and intimidating.

Do not think of it as an investment


It can only be an investment if you decide to buy and sell it. Since your girl will wear it, it should never be considered an investment. Perhaps the experience of seeing it every day is an investment enough. If you think of a diamond as an investment, it will take time to decide which one is best. However, if color or the cut is not important to you and to your significant other, do not let other people dictate what ring you should consider.

Think of where you want to buy

If you heard your fiancée discussed about a Tiffany & Co diamond ring, you have to consider it. If she likes Kay or Zales, you have to consider it as well. Sometimes, you have to think where to buy and this is according to the likes of your girl. If she is not particular about the ring, you can consider online retailers with good standing and reputable name.

Watch out for the fake

Diamonds are expensive and if it is not close to it, it is probably a fake. There are some cases where the price is too high but still there is a risk of fake. The best thing to do is to check the weight and the color. Fake diamonds are often heavier than the real ones and the fake colour will send out more rainbows when refracted by light.