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10 Iconic Human Males from Video Games

Sometimes it’s not just the gameplay that creates a successful game. There are a lot of characters that have become legendary for their appeal and story. Here are ten guys who stand out.

Dante of Devil May Cry

Dante wants justice for his slain brother and mother. The opening shows the demon hunter Dante in his office when Trish barges in and tells him that demon Emperor Mundus is returning.


Duke Nukem of Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is trying to thwart Dr. Proton’s plans to rule over the world with his Techbots. The first game was released in 1991. It has several spin-offs and a comic series.


Geralt of The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia was one of those selected to be trained and genetically-enhanced with powers. Called a witcher, he went on to become a monster hunter and traveled with his horse Plotka after he received his Wolf medallion.


Harkyn of Lords of the Fallen

Convicted criminal Harkyn was released by Kaslo to help stop an attack of the Rhogar under Ardyr, the god who once ruled humanity and was defeated by the Judges.


Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza

Kazuma Kiryu took responsibility for his boss’s death and was kicked out of the Tojo clan. He did so to protect his best friend Akira Nishikiyama. After spending time in prison, he still wants to help his former family.

Kratos of God of War

Kratos won every battle he commanded until he faced a barbarian who overwhelmed his army. On the verge of defeat, he called on the god Ares for help. He was able to defeat the opponent but at a great cost. When he attacked a village dedicated to Athena, he accidentally killed his wife and his child who were brought by Ares for such a purpose.


Max Payne of Max Payne

Former police officer Max Payne is looking for the murderers of his wife and his child. The perpetrators were high in a drug called Valkyr. Max was also framed for the murder of his partner while doing undercover work.


Nathan Drake of Uncharted

Nathan Drake finds a notebook in the coffin of ancestor Sir Francis Drake. He thinks that Drake tried to hide his discovery of El Dorado, but Nate is determined to get there with friend Victor Sullivan.


The Prince of Prince of Persia

The first game was released in 1989 and featured the Prince. He must save a princess from the vizier Jaffar. The Sands of Time series was a reboot of the older games. The Prince finds the Dagger of Time and was tricked by the vizier into releasing the Sands of Time.


Samanosuke Akechi of Onimusha

The game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japan with elements of the supernatural. Princess Yuki sends a letter to Samanosuke Akechi detailing the disappearances of servants in the castle. When he arrived, he learned that demons called genma have taken her.

20 Puzzle Games You Should Try


Tired of the usual shooters and save-the-world stories? Try your hand at one of these 20 mind-bending games.

Bejeweled’s objective is to line up three or more similar gems to make them disappear.


Braid features Tim who is trying to rescue the princess. The player guides Tim on his journey through each stage. The puzzles solved recreate the story.


Bookworm Adventures allows the player to guide Lex by defeating enemies. The combat consists of forming words to inflict damage.


Echochrome lets the player control a mannequin while traveling through different three-dimensional shapes. These shapes can be rotated and the player must avoid obstacles along the way.


Fez features Gomez who, when acquiring a red fez, sees the three-dimensional world. He must collect cubes to return the world to what it was while solving puzzles in the environment.


Gunpoint uses the elements of stealth to guide the spy Richard Conway in his tasks and to search for a murderer. The player should avoid obstacles and traps inside buildings.


Hexcells Infinite is the third installment of a series. It’s goal is to determine which cells must be eliminated or highlighted.


Lemmings allows the player to guide lemmings to an exit. A certain number of survivors must reach the exit at a specific time to clear a level.

Limbo allows the player to a guide a boy in his search for his sister. The player must avoid traps and use objects in the environment while traveling.


MouseCraft’s goal is to help Schrodinger to finally complete his invention. Mice must be guided safely to a block of cheese.


Myst lets a player travel to an interactive world in first-person perspective to find clues about the interconnected Ages.


Mummy Maze is a form of logic game where you guide a character out of a maze by avoiding the mummies and other creatures.


Peggle has fifty-five levels to complete by shooting balls at colored pegs. Points are also earned depending on how the shots were made.


Picross 3D is a form of a nonogram which allows the player to create an image on a rectangular prism by chipping away cubes.


Portal features Chell who must be guided through different interconnected rooms. The puzzle consists of teleporting Chell and other objects using a device.


Puzzle Quest incorporates elements of a role-playing game but the combat is in the form of turn-based puzzles.


Tangram is a form of dissection puzzle where you form shapes using seven pieces called tan. Magma Mobile has a mobile version.


Tetris was made by Alexey Pajitnov. Its goal is to place pieces by rotating and moving them to create an unbroken line of blocks to make them disappear.


Trash Panic’s goal is to make all the garbage fit in a can by breaking, burning, or decomposing each to avoid overflowing.


World of Goo lets the player create structures using goo. Its goal is to get the right number of goo balls to an exit.

Unveiling Apple’s New iPhone Series


Every year or so, many Singaporeans are anticipating the unveiling of the new iPhone. The good news is last September 7, Apple already unveiled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It was officially introduced by the CEO Tim Cook. He said that so far, it is the best iPhone ever created.

What makes iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the best ever created? Here are some of its features:

Slick design

All smartphones now have slick design. This kind of design looks classy and beautiful. As for the new iPhone, it has actually a high gloss finish which means seamless lines around. You will be happy to know that the camera is more protected because of its enclosure.

Force sensitive home button

You are used to clicking the home button but for the new iPhone, you do not need that force. It boasts of what they call “taptic engine” that is force sensitive. This feels like you are navigating through your computer’s track pad.

More resistant

Your previous iPhones are not invincible to dust and water but not the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is proud of its stronger phone enclosure that is more dust and water resistant.

Improved camera

Perhaps the most beloved feature of iPhone users is the camera so the developers did nothing but to improve it. They guarantee that you can take a lovely selfie if you want to. Some improvements include optical image stabilizer which has the power to steady your shaky hands whilst taking, it also boasts of lens that permit more light and 12 megapixel sensor plus 4 LEDs on its flash.

Enhanced speaker

Do not forget about the speaker or stereo-quality. The developers said that the new iPhone has enhanced speaker with one at the bottom and one at the top. This is for increased coverage or range.

No more headphone jack

Apple made a bold move because they removed the headphone jack however it gave way to a new level of headphone called Airbuds. The Airbuds is wireless and it connects to your phone via Apple’s W1 chip. You can easily access Siri by tapping it twice.

Better chip

As for the performance, it will not fall short. Its chip is A10 Fusion which is 120 times quicker than the chip of the first iPhone released. As for the graphics, it is 50% quicker than its A9 predecessor. There will be no 16 GB as it will start at 32 GB storage.

No reports yet as  to when it will be available here in Singapore. You can only remain calm and wait for it. iPhone 7 costs USD 649 while iPhone 7 Plus costs USD 769. The AirBuds are sold separately at USD 159.

The Next Big Thing: Android Wear

You wish you have a secretary to remind you of all things and who can do many things for you. Thankfully you can have that without taking advantage of others. You should know that Android Wear has finally come. It is available in the market and many Singaporeans are reaping its benefits. If you are not familiar with Android Wear, it is time that you get acquainted to it.


Android Wear is confident to provide information that will move with you. Here’s what Android Wear can do:

  • It will serve as your organizer: Like a secretary, Android Wear will give you the information you need before you ask for it. It has the capacity to organize your information and recommend what you need.
  • It will respond to messages: You can respond to text messages from your friends and even reply to an email by simply saying “Ok Google”. It will execute the task right away without being prompted to do it again.
  • It will remind you of your fitness goals: Whenever you look at your watch, you will see your fitness goals since it will give your daily summaries. For instance, it will show your heart rate as well as step count. To avail of this feature, your watch should be equipped with heart rate monitors.


  • It can connect to your Android phone: Of course, it will allow you to connect to your Android phone. Who says it can do less on your wrist? It can respond to text messages quickly plus it can play music. To avail of this feature, your phone should run under Android 4.3 or higher.
  • It can get weather updates: Before going to work, you can get weather updates. You will even know the haze situation.
  • It will remind you of your appointment: Like a secretary, Android Wear will remind you of your appointment. You will be reminded of important details like time and venue of your appointment.
  • It is your travel buddy: Android Wear will serve as your travel and commuting buddy. It will tell you how long it will take you to get to your office. It will also remind you of your flight information before you even head for the airport.
  • It will control your music: You can actually say “Ok Google play some music” and your Android Wear will play music for you. It can play, pause and even skip tracks.
  • Other things it can do: Android Wear will search whatever you need. For example, you can easily say “Ok Google what time is it in America?” It will answer you.

Android Wear is available on Google Play. You can buy it. Many Singaporeans have tried it. It is time that you try it. This is no ordinary thing.


The Smart Fabric

The coolest and the best gadgets are at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) exhibition. CES is an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event transpired from January 7-10, 2014. If you witnessed this event, for sure you were amazed with the things that you saw from printers that can create sugary treats to curve televisions and talking fridge.


What else stood out? A French company introduced smart fabrics that are embedded with micro-sensors. This is the idea of Cityzen Sciences who joined the 2014 CES. The company calls this “smart sensing” material. Here are the features of the fabric or material:

  • Reads body heat

If you want to know your body heat, you do not need to look for a thermometer. You can conveniently track your body heat by wearing clothing made of “smart sensing” fabric or material.


  • Reads heart rate

If you are constantly tracking your heart rate because you have a condition, you can easily know your heart rate by wearing something made from “smart sensing” fabric or material. You do not need devices that are complicated.

  • Reads motion

If you are wearing something out of “smart sensing” fabric or material, it will read your motion. Whether you are lying or sitting, it will know. It will also know if you are unwell or weary.


  • Reads location

The smart fabric can also read your location. If you are lost, you will surely find your way home. If you like to go somewhere, you can be taught of the direction. Your clothing will tell you where you are.

The good thing about the fabric is that it can be shaped into different clothing like pants, gloves, shorts, skirts, etc. The next time you consider a fabric, just think of “smart sensing” and your life will be better.

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