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LTA’s Actions Against Illegal Parking


If you abide the law, you will never have problems. If you go against it, you will surely suffer the repercussions. You should know that even the slightest demeanour like spitting and illegal parking offer punishments depending on the severity of the act. This is how to discipline the people and the government is doing its best.

The better way to avoid such punishments is to follow the law. If you follow it no matter how unsatisfying you think it is, you will never have any problems or troubles. In this case, let us talk about the LTA’s actions against illegal parking. Motorists often think that illegal parking is a slight offence hence they take the chance. Motorists hope that they will not get caught but they should think twice.


The LTA has many things that can curb illegal parking. Motorists should strictly follow the regulations or get a ticket. Here are the things motorists should look out:

  • Digital Cameras: You have to be careful because officers now carry digital cameras. These cameras have the power to issue summons. It can take photos of your parking offences. In addition, the digital cameras are connection to the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite. The satellite will record the precise location of where summons are issued.
  • CCTVs: As if the digital cameras are not enough. The LTA also placed 30 closed circuit televisions (CCTV) cameras in different locations here in Singapore. Surely, you cannot evade the law against illegal parking. No matter where you park, you will be seen. The CCTVs are not only for illegal parking, it can be used to monitor and improve the flow of traffic.

The LTA is looking for other measures to curb the number of illegal parking. Then again, motorists are reminded to follow everything.