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5 Ways to Relieve Stress


We all experience stress one time or another. As we go through the hustle and bustle in a busy city like Singapore, we incur problems, we get frustrated with work, get tired of people or we simply get stressed on the things that just doesn’t go our way whenever we expect and need them to. For sure there are many ways on how we individually cope up with stress but here are some vital and effective ways on how to really relieve stress:

  1. Find your Center and Calm Yourself. There are just some things we can’t control in life but we can always manage our reactions towards it. In times of stressful situations, try to relax. Find your center and calm yourself. You can’t solve your problems if you get angry or force yourself to think of ways when you know your head is about to blow up. Try to meditate and give yourself the “breathe in, breathe out” mantra every time you feel like you can’t handle things anymore. It will help clear your mind and release your stress for sure.


  1. Exercise. You can run, take a walk or even do some fat-burning exercises like boxing to cope of with stress. These work all the time and notably these have been studied and verified to not only keep our bodies healthy but also our minds. Release your endorphins in order to feel happier and thus discharging stress out of our system.


  1. Sleep it out. Sleep is relaxing. If you think you can no longer handle the problems around you, sleep it out. Close your eyes, relax your mind, have a good nap or a good night sleep. By the time you wake up, your mind is cleared and you can think way better than staying awake for too long just to solve your difficulties.

  1. Cry your heart out. It’s always healthy to cry and just let things go. This is not a sign of weakness rather it just shows that we are all human and that we need to release the tension and stress flowing coarsely through our hearts. Just cry and accept things as it should be.


  1. Eat some Good Food. Treat yourself. You can binge in eating your favorite comfort foods or you can resort into eating healthy like vegetables and fruits. It feels good whenever we get to eat what we want because we can forget about the things that bother us momentarily. At least after eating, your tummy and mind is full so you can have more energy to consume in relieving your stress and in thinking for ways on how to solve your problems.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

The plumbing system in your home is something that you and your family often take for granted. This is usually the case, until a problem arises and you need to hire a professional plumbing contractor. In such cases, hiring an inexperienced and incompetent plumber to fix the problem is the last thing you would want to do. However, a lot of people still end up hiring the wrong person for the job because of their little knowledge and misconceptions about the plumbing industry. With that in mind, we listed down some of the common mistakes you should avoid the next time you hire a plumbing contractor.

1. Hiring a plumber without doing any proper background research.

Perhaps this is one of the most common mistake that people make when hiring a plumber for the first time. Most people tend to hire a friend or relative to fix the problem, when what they actually need is professional help. Searching for good plumbers within your area in Singapore is now made easier thanks to the internet, so you no longer have a reason to hire an inexperienced individual.

Once you are done researching for a good plumber in Singapore you should shortlist about four to five contractors and invite them over for an interview so you can determine who’s the most competent and skilful of them all. Conducting an interview gives you an opportunity to ask important questions about their work and the plumbing services they are offering. It is also during this time that you get relevant information about the possible approaches that they will use to solve your problem. So be sure to make the most out of this time so you will know which plumber can best cater to your needs.

2. Thinking that all plumbing contractors and services are the same.

Another common mistake that you should avoid when looking for a plumbing contractor to hire is believing that all plumbers and the services they are offering are the same. Sure, there may be a lot of credible-looking plumbing companies in the market, but not all of them are licensed and insured to perform a professional plumbing work.

As much as possible, avoid believing that every plumber offer the same quality of plumbing services and work. Instead, always ask your prospective plumber for a proof of their license and insurance to make sure that you will get the professional plumbing services that you need and deserve.

3. Employing a plumber based on service charge alone.

Hiring a plumbing contractor based solely on their service charge is a mistake that you would want to avoid, as it could end up worsening your problem. Although hiring a plumbing company that offers cheap plumbing services seems to be a cost-effective option, it’s actually opposite. Their services are cheap for a reason; they might be able to fix your plumbing issues for now, but the same – or an even worse – problem will definitely arise later on.

To avoid getting victimized by these disreputable plumbing companies, ensure that you look at the overall value of the services they are offering by reading several online reviews, getting references and making sure that they are offering a guarantee on their plumbing works.

4. Failing to ask for any written warranty or guarantee.

Never ever allow any plumbing contractor to work on your repair job without giving any written guarantee on service quality, safety and environmental standards. Regardless of how technically competent and skilled your prospective plumber is, there is no guarantee that the job complies with the highest safety, technical and environmental standards and be completed on time. So as much as possible, ensure that your chosen contractor provides a written guarantee that they will meet the standards of a good plumbing work.

5. Forgetting to ask for references of his past clients.

When you are in dire need of a plumbing contractor – specifically a 24 hours plumber – it can be quite tempting to hire the first person who answers your call and makes it to your home, but that shouldn’t be the case though. Aside from their license and insurance, another important thing that you should forget to ask from your prospective plumber is his list of references.

Getting a copy of this list will give you an idea about the quality of the work and the services they are offering, so don’t hesitate to ask them for their references as you contact them. Remember that reputable and reliable plumber will be more than willing to provide you with a list of their references and show you the quality of their plumbing work.

6. Choosing a plumbing company based on the tools and equipment that they have.

If you think that a quality plumbing service is measured based on the tools that the plumbers are using, then you are wrong. Some plumbing companies in Singapore tend to get their clients by talking about all the advanced technology and tools that they own. Yes, it is crucial to own all the right tools but if your plumber doesn’t know how to properly use them, then that will only cause a new problem. So instead of solely focusing on equipment and tools, hire a plumbing contractor who is experienced in the field and is trained to use any advance plumbing equipment and tools.

Finding and hiring the right plumbing contractor can be quite tricky, but by avoiding these pitfalls, the entire process will definitely be easier for you. So regardless of how stressed out you are with the plumbing issue that you are facing, just relax and take your time in choosing a plumber.

The Truths about Finding Inner Happiness


We live in the world where happiness is more than just earning enough money to get by – that is just superficial. Happiness is finding pleasure in everything we do and somehow that seems hard to achieve. There are even Singaporeans who do not know how it feels to be happy with what they are doing. So what is happiness? Said Gandhi, we achieve happiness is when what we think, say, and do are all in harmony.


Sounds easy but it can actually be complicated if you do not know what makes you happy. Happiness is subjective and happiness will resonate to their work, family and other relationships. If you are still looking for things that make you happy, you are not alone. There are actually many people busy with their journey towards self-actualization.

The good news is that once you realized some truths about happiness, you can finally decide on things that make you happy and eventually achieve inner peace. Here are some truths about finding inner happiness:

  • You only have the power to define you: There is no one in the world with greater power to define you than yourself. There are times that you get affected with the opinions and circumstances of others but do not let it define you. Do not allow them to influence you because if you give up your essence, you will surely feel heavy and negative towards situation.

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sun

  • You have everything you need: Never think that you are lacking or that the world gave you insufficient things. Take time in realizing that you have everything you need and you only need to look closely. Remember that you are gifted with everything from insight to talent needed to thrive in this world. Once you realize this, you will see the world full of potential and happiness.


  • Perfection is just an illusion: To love yourself, you have to accept that you are imperfect and that the world is also imperfect. To strive for perfection, is a dead goal. The society tells us the images of perfection. Be wise enough not to believe it.


  • There is only now: You have to live in the now and stop looking back to the past or get anxious about the future. You can dwell on the past and reflect on your mistakes or visualize your future but never live in those moments.


  • Be the full expression of yourself: You are unique and the universe only asks one thing – be the full expression of yourself. That is how you honour the life that is given to you. You have to be the full expression of yourself so you can leave a mark on all those you meet in this world.


The Purpose of Installing Garage Roller Doors

Considering the dangers these days, it is best for us to have security grilles that can protect us from certain theft or robbery attacks. We are currently in the generation when many people are committing crimes. In order to protect ourselves and our home from these evil-minded people, we have to take safety and security precautions.


Garage Roller Door

Among the most common security components these days are the garage roller doors. We often see it everywhere. It is installed in homes, offices, stores and even in schools. This is why most of us are familiar with this one. For those who do not know what it is, it is a large door made of fiberglass, metal or wood. This is usually insulated as well in order to fend off heat loss.

Garage doors open and close either automatically or manually. For those who are planning to install large garage doors, it is best for you to have an automatic garage door controlled by electric motor so it won’t be a hassle for you to open and close it. On the other hand, if you are only planning to install a small one, then a manual garage door will do. After all, it won’t require you a lot of effort to open and close it.

Security Grilles

Security grilles are different from a garage roller door. While both are intended for security measures, these two have their own function. Grilles, just like the roller door, are usually used in windows and doors. These usually come in a form of metal and is designed attractively. The reason why they are moulded into an attractive form is to make it pleasing into the eyes. Since it will be a part of our home or office permanently, we do not want to look it bad, right? Instead of just giving us protection from burglars, it should also add value and appeal to our home or office.


What Can These Do For Us?

Do you have an idea on how these garage roller door and security grilles protect us? These tools keep unwanted and unwelcome people out of our properties. As we all know, there are some people with bad intention who just enter our homes or offices without any permission from us. These security measures help us keep these ill-intent people from going inside our properties and robbing some of our valuables. Even when they do something to open our doors or windows, they will struggle and find it difficult to do.

With these security tools, we no longer need to hire a security guard just to keep us and our properties safe. We can now sleep soundly at night without having worries on the possibility that someone might go inside the house while we are asleep and take some important things.

Customised Security Grilles and Garage Door

If you are worried that these security measures might ruin the appearance of your house, then you do not have to worry now. Keep in your mind that you can customised the looks of these things. Therefore, you can make them appear as if they are decorations to your home. There are different forms of these ones. All you have to do is to choose which look you prefer the most and ask the experts to install it in a creative way. Nevertheless, don’t ever forget that you install it for protection. Therefore, even when you want it to look cute, you should never forget that it should be functional and effective as well.


The Secret to Serving Alcohol without Making Your Guests Drunk


We are excited to host gatherings especially if we have a lot of ideas. With this, organizing a Christmas or New Year’s party is no trouble at all. We already arranged everything from the venue to the foods but we came short of ideas tackling drinks.


It is normal to have drinks for parties but as much as possible, we do not want to encourage heavy booze or drunkenness amongst our guests. Getting drunken guests will lead to trouble and we do not want that. However, there is one solution that we can consider – serving alcohol without making our guests drunk.

This is possibly. Here are some ideas:

  • Provide an option: You do not need to make every drink alcoholic. Your guests will be overwhelmed with choices and for those who are not into alcoholic beverages, they will be thankful to drink sparkling water, soft drinks, white wine or beer.
  • Keep the bottles out of sight: If you flaunt all the bottles you have, your guests will freely get one and another one then another. This will make them drunk.


  • Serve drinks personally: You will be hailed as a good hostess if you personally serve drinks. Your guests will be uncomfortable asking you for more refills.
  • Serve food first: If the food is available, guests will not feel hungry and they will not attempt to curb their hunger through drinks. If the food is not yet available, the best thing to do is to provide something they can nibble. You have to know that meals can slow down the absorption of alcohol. So, serve food before the drinks.

Our guests should never leave the venue drunk or they will bump into trouble.