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More Singaporeans Opting for High-End Motorcycles


More Singaporeans are now opting for motorcycles – high-end motorcycles that it. These motorcycles have bigger and better engine capacities. The number is continually rising here in Singapore despite the higher premiums of Certificate of Entitlement (COE).


Motorcycles are relatively affordable compared to cars thereby attracting more people in spite of COE’s higher premiums from S$852 in 2010 to S$6,158. People now choose motorcycles with engine capacities from 400cc to 1,000cc. Here are some motorcycles chosen for their engine power:

  • BMW motorcycles: In 2013, there were only 360 registered BMW motorcycles but in 2014, it rose to 466. 2015 figures are not released yet but judging from the trend, there will be an increase.
  • Ducati motorcycles: In 2013, there were only 159 registered Ducati motorcycles but in 2014, it rose to 177.


These motorcycles require a different kind of license – Class 2 license and their costs are in five figures. Small motorcycles are still a majority here but the numbers are dwindling. In 2013, motorcycles between 101cc to 200cc were 105,735 but come 2014, it declined to 103,249.

Many people prefer motorcycles because they are manoeuvrable if we are stuck in traffic jams. Though it is uncomfortable to drive with our business attire, its effectiveness should not be ignored. It does not end there because motorcycles are also economical when it comes to petrol.

In the past, we associate motorcycles as nuisance since it is noisy but today, it is a popular and convenient choice for commuters. Even if COE premiums are higher for motorcycle owners, it is still nothing compared to cars and other automobiles.