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How Not to Look Old in Your Clothes

Fashion should make you stand out, but not because you look ridiculous or ten years older than your age. Here are the things you should avoid when dressing up.

Too Much Makeup

If you’re not going to act on stage, why use up every single piece in your make-up kit? Your make-up should highlight your strengths but hide your flaws. That doesn’t mean you have to cosplay every time you go out. Wear make-up appropriate for the occasion. You don’t want to look like a melted candle on the beach or an anemic at the office party.

Too Many Accessories

Unless you’re cosplaying as a Christmas tree why advertise all the contents of your jewelry box? Accessories should add color to your outfit, not overpower it. Don’t wear accessories that clash with the colors or cut of your clothes. For example, if you’re wearing flowery dress with a lot of frills, there’s no need to wear a chandelier necklace.

All Black Clothes

They might look good on teenagers but when you have fine lines and wrinkles on your neck and face, black could make imperfections stand out. This is when the statement “dress your age” should be used. Choose earthy colors for your skirts and pants and then pair them up with bright-colored tops so you’ll look fresh and vibrant.

You Follow Trends

If you’re a certified fashionista who’s updated with all the latest trends in clothes and shoes, chances are, you’ll look outdated in about 5 years. You’ve also wasted a lot of money on things you don’t want to use instead of investing in pieces that never go out of fashion. Jeans and simple shirts might look boring to you but they’re functional for every age and never go out of style.

Clothes that Don’t Fit

The cut and shape of your clothes should enhance your figure, not make you look like a dining table or a stripper. Tight-fitting clothes are as uncomfortable as baggy clothes. You should also choose underwear that fit properly. Ladies should have a professional fitting when they’re trying on bras.

All Vintage

Vintage clothes are so chic, but you would want to pair them up with modern hairstyles and accessories. Mix and match old-fashioned dresses with the modern shoes. Stop wearing the standard shirt, pants and blazers combination at the office. When done properly, your diverse wardrobe will be the envy of your co-workers.

Oversized Glasses

Pick glasses that are the right size for your face and shape of your head. There’s nothing fashionable about huge, thick-rimmed glasses no matter what those young pop group singers tell you. And no, you don’t look smart in them.

Too Many Hats and Scarves

Scarves on collared blazers or shirts? You’ll look like you’re about to be strangled. The combination will make your torso look bigger and people will think you have a short neck. And don’t wear big hats like a fedora unless you’re shooting a film.

4 Tricks to Deal with Nothing-To-Wear Mornings

Some girls own more clothes than they know they should, yet still takes 45 minutes for them to get completely dressed up. Sounds familiar? Worry not! You’re not alone in this dilemma. So for the days when all your ‘good’ pieces are in the laundry, do use the following tips to overcome the plight of picking the right clothing pieces when you just have ‘nothing to wear’.


  1. Plan Ahead. Want to trim down your prep time in the morning, and still look pretty decent? Plan your ensemble the night before. While you’re at it, throw in a necklace or a belt, and place all the pieces on a hanger. Doing this will buy you some time the next morning to improve your outfit or think of a more interesting makeup and hairdo to go with your look.


  1. Organize Your Wardrobe. If you don’t have the luxury of time to try on different outfits the night before, then keep your closet organized by stacking your hero pieces on one side of the closet and all the basics on the other. While this setup requires effort on your part, this will actually help you accomplish two things: you get to find a hero piece to wear for your outfit the next day and get to do a quick inventory of your wardrobe.


  1. Shop Outfits Instead of Separates. Do yourself a favour and save yourself from the morning stress by buying a whole outfit instead of individual pieces. You can take cues from campaign ads, Lookbook photos, and even from mannequins in department stores to shop for a head-to-toe outfit. This way you don’t only have a complete outfit ready for the next day, you also got several new pieces to mix and match with your existing collection.


  1. Clean Out Your Closet. We support you in your dream of having a walk-in closet someday, but until then, we suggest that you continue editing the clothes you own. Recycle or donate outdated pieces or pieces that no longer suit you or your lifestyle. Also, throw out those that you’ve only worn once, because chances are you’ll never wear them again.

Dealing with nothing-to-wear mornings is a serious dilemma, especially for working girls. Don’t be late for work or school again by making sure you have your outfit pre-planned and loading your closet with relevant and practical fashion pieces.


10 Fashion Hacks to Fix Ruined Clothes  

Accidentally ruined your favourite blouse? Worry no more. From washing off the pizza stains to stretching out your too-small flats, we’ve listed down some of the easiest fixes to save you and your clothes from any fashion disaster.


  1. Runny Tights. Solve your runny tights problem using your hairspray. Before putting them on, mist some hairspray all over your tights to keep them from running and make them last longer.
  1. Oil Stains. Left some pizza grease on your favourite skirt? Get your trusty baby powder to soak up the grease. Just sprinkle some powder all over the stain and leave it for 30 minutes before washing it.
  1. Foul Odour in Jeans. Got some stinky jeans problem? Then, simply toss your jeans in a Ziploc or plastic bag, and store them in the freezer overnight to remove the bad odour. The freezing temperature in the fridge can kill the odour-causing bacteria, and you don’t have to worry about your denim fading due to some overzealous washing.
  1. Stuck Zipper. Fix your stuck zipper using some coconut oil. Just dip a cotton swab on the coconut oil and rub it along your zipper to loosen it up.
  1. Deodorant Stains. Don’t stress out yourself with the deodorant stains on your favourite clothes any longer. Use some dryer sheets to remove the stains. Just lightly rub the white marks on the stains until it’s completely gone. Don’t worry, the dryer sheets won’t leave any residue on your clothes.


  1. Foundation Stains. Easily fix this makeup stain problem using a shaving cream. Gently wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the stained area before washing it.
  1. Loose Sunglasses. If you find that one arm of your sunglasses is a bit loose, and you happen to don’t have a tiny screwdriver with you, dab a clear nail polish over the hinge of the loose arm to temporarily tighten it.
  1. Scratched Leather Shoes. Easily fix that annoying scratch on your leather shoes using your favourite moisturizer. Just grab a towel and rub a bit of lotion on your shoes to bring it back to life.
  1. Pulled Thread. Pulled threads is what causes our dresses to start running, but easily fix this problem through tugging the thread into place by pulling the fabric around it. Alternately tug the fabric on the side, below, and above the thread.
  1. Tarnished Jewellery. Prevent your jewellery from tarnishing by painting it with a clear nail polish. Apply a coat of nail polish to your new faux silver and gold accessories before wearing them to protect them from tarnishing, fading, and chipping.

Remembering these fashion hacks will not just save you from any fashion disaster, these fixes will also make staying fashionable a lot easier for you.