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Cataloguing Your Computer Files

Singapore is very particular about knowledge management. We know that the knowledge (which includes all data, information, documents and papers pertaining to the operations) is crucial to the country and it should be handled properly. How can Singapore manage it? Singapore employs organizing of both computer and paper files. It should also be used by other establishments to keep track of everything. Organizing of files are also beneficial for individuals and the people around them. It should be stressed here that organizing, managing or cataloguing your computer files are helpful. You may not see its point now but soon, you will surely thank the system.   


As an individual, you should learn how to organize your files. Organizing your personal files is easy if you know what to do. You can do it, do not worry. Here are some tips that you can consider:

Think about the importance

You should think about the importance of the papers or files. If the papers are important, it should be kept and stored. If it is not, it is time to get rid of it to avoid the clutter. Computer files for example can be a clutter if you do not manage it well. If there are too many files on your computer, the operating system will slow down and you will not like it. For your papers and documents, you should secure a filing cabinet and arrange it according to importance.


Back up files

When you determined its importance, you should think about backing up your files. Back up files should be promoted so when things crash or get lost, you can have another copy of it. For other offices, aside from external storage device, they consider file server. A File server is the best solution for backing up files. File server allows users to share or store information like images, music, movies, etc. without physically saving files.  They only need LAN to function.



Now that you thought about the importance and the back-up, it is time to sort it. Sorting of files is easy but you should know that file server Singapore sorting varies depending on the individual. Not all people are alike when it comes to sorting and labelling. There are people who use the system of sorting by time and date while there are others who find the system of sorting by projects or description useful. Everything is up to you.


An organized file can be your best friend in the long run. When you search for something, it will be less time consuming. There are others who do not see the point. They will just rely on the search button. Yes, you can always rely on the search button but sometimes, it would take minutes before you can get results. It would take minutes because the file server slows down due to the bulkiness of your files. It is frustrating waiting for the results and sometimes it can piss you off. To avoid these episodes, it is better to organize your files right away.


If the above mentioned tips are not enough for you, you can get many ideas online. There are many materials that you can read there that can give you more tips and ideas. You can also ask help from friends.

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