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Best Restaurants in Singapore for a Most Romantic Date

There are already many places in Singapore that are considered scenic and ideal for a date. We all know that different couples have different ideas as to a how a romantic date is done. You could just take walks together, sing at the karaoke, or watch a movie. But really, nothing beats dining in a romantic restaurant!

Saint Pierre

Upon entering Saint Pierre, you’ll be surrounded by a classy atmosphere and an aura of romance almost immediately.  Here, you can choose between six-course meals or ten-course meals. Saint Pierre is also known not only for serving haute cuisine but also for their incredible service. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a fancy ambiance, excellent service and a beautiful view for your date, this is the place to be!


What’s great about Pollen is that you can go there for a spontaneous date after walking around Gardens by the Bay. It’s great if you prefer a more relaxing place surrounded by flowers and greens. Pollen also actually has a climate-controlled environment which results in quite a comfortable atmosphere. An added bonus is that the place remains romantic whether you go there at noon or at night. The food being served is not to miss too, of course. Their modern European dishes compliment the overall ambiance well, leaving you with a sweet and enjoyable time with your date.

White Rabbit

Harding Chapel was abandoned for 15 years and has now been beautifully restored as a restaurant and a bar. The church is surrounded by lush greenery where you can take long peaceful walks with your date. There’s also a bar area at the back of the church where you can just chill out and have a few drinks. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense that this is a great place for a romantic date. It’s a church! Can’t you hear the wedding bells ringing?


Summerhouse can pass off either as a good place for a relaxing date or an ideal place to pop the question! It’s a place with good lighting throughout the day because of its “glasshouse” design. At night, the garden around Summerhouse is adorned by the fairy lights, giving off an enchanting vibe to the evening. Summerhouse is also a multi-concept restaurant with areas themed in distinct styles.

The Cliff

The Cliff is another great place for a romantic date, in fact, it’s an excellent place for a proposal even. It is brilliantly placed to overlook the South China Sea. There’s no better place to watch the sunset while dining with your loved one than here! Even though it’s a 190-seater restaurant, it’s divided into three dining spaces and the tables are also spaced far away, enough for you to have some intimate time talking with your partner.

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