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Beauty Cheats for Hectic Mornings

There’s no way you can perform your fully beauty regimen and still arrive on time for work unless you wake up an hour earlier than usual and start fixing yourself while everyone’s still blissfully asleep. But don’t fret. Instead of depriving yourself of precious sleep, practice some of these time-saving beauty tips to get yourself ready and perfectly done for a busy day ahead.


  1. Use tinted moisturizer instead of bronzer and foundation. Combine the job of your foundation and bronzer by using your favourite tinted moisturizer as a quick alternative. Choose one that is set in a slightly darker tone than your own skin tone to get a warm skin complexion faster.
  1. Cut some time on doing your lips. It’s normal for most Singapore women to spend hours just on applying their lip balm, primer, lipstick and lip gloss. But there’s just not enough time when you’re in such a rush. Instead of spending a lot of time on applying various lip product, get an all-in-one multi-tasking lip product. Get one of those moisturizing and colouring lip balms from your favourite Singapore beauty shop, which are just perfect for your hectic mornings.
  1. Wear a shower cap when you shower. Drying your hair would be the last thing that you want to worry about when you barely have the time to complete your beauty regime. Investing on a good shower cap is the answer to this. The cap might not be the most glamorous looking accessory set in your wardrobe, but it will surely save you some time.
  1. Go for dry shampoo. Don’t have enough time to wash your greasy hair? Then go for a dry shampoo. One good replacement for dry shampoo, if you don’t have any, is baby powder. Just apply a light dusting of baby powder in your hair and you’re set to go.


  1. Moisturize as you shower. Another good way to cut a step from your beauty routine is to moisturize while you take your shower. Instead of doing your usual shower-dry-moisturize routine, opt to use an in-shower body lotion to get two jobs done in just a couple of minutes.
  1. Skip the eyeliner. Getting that perfect winged eyeliner can be tricky and time consuming, so it would be best to just skip it on busy mornings. Just apply two coats of your favourite mascara to give you the volume and definition that you want.
  1. Keep your brows tidy and neat. Plucking your brows when you’re in a rush is not just time-consuming, but could also lead to a disaster. Keep them well-groomed when you have some time to spare though, as neat brows look great and only require minimal makeup in the mornings.
  1. Keep things simple. Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to look good even on a busy morning. If you’re really in a hurry, just apply bare makeup instead of complicating things. As long as you take care of your skin, a swipe of lipstick and some powder may be all you need to look great.


Running late to work shouldn’t be an excuse to skip your entire beauty regime. Following these beauty tips and tricks won’t just get you to work on time, it’ll also make you look great even on a busy morning schedule.

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