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Advantages of Solo Traveling


Travelling – whether alone or with some people, can have a big influence in your life. Travelling will teach you things that you never know while curling in your comfort zone. Aside from that, it will broaden your understanding of the world. If you travel solo, more challenging things will come your way but it will always build your character.


Many people here in Singapore think that a traveller’s life is full of rainbows and sunshine. If this is only true, all people will travel. However, there are times that a traveller’s journey can get rough and rough – from losing luggage to missing a flight or worse, getting sick. Sometimes you are almost at wit’s end but always remember that the positive things far outweigh the negative ones.

So travel if you must and alone if you can. It can open your eyes to a whole new level of awareness you never known. It is normal to get scared at first but always remember that there are perks of being a solitary traveller. Here are some:

Every second is an adventure

Every second becomes an adventure. Imagine immersing yourself in new surroundings every day from their culture, cuisines and customs. You are no longer constrained by the society – you go as you please and the road becomes your playground.


Meeting new people

If you are just curled up in your comfort zone, you will not make new friends. The thrill of travelling alone is the thought of knowing many people. The thought of making new friends at backpacking lounges will bring good things. Travelling alone will not make you lonely. It is in fact the total opposite. When you travel with few friends, you do not need to meet new people. If you travel alone, you look forward to meeting many remarkable people.

Well-deserved time

You travel because you deserve it. If you think your mental state is taking a toll on your body, you have to ‘break away’ from it. Travelling solo is your well-deserved time so you must get to it no matter the distractions around you.

Change your life

Travelling solo will teach you valuable social skills plus it can transform your anxiety to confidence. Every day is spent on exploring. It makes you think that the world indeed needs to be explored, learned and cultivated.

Now that you know the good things about traveling solo, you will look at the world differently now. If you really cannot take travelling solo, at least look for a buddy.


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