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A Guide to Different Types of Locks and Keys

With so many options to choose from in mechanical and digital locks and keys, it can be overwhelming trying to pick one for your apartment in Singapore. Fortunately, your trusted locksmith services company is equipped with the tools and know-how for the installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair of locks and keys.

Availing the assistance of a locksmith is crucial in times of emergency. To give you an idea about the available choices in the event you lost your keys in Singapore, here is a list of locks and keys for car or home key duplication.

Types of Keys
• Transponder Key. This is common in most cars that use a radio signal to activate the vehicle once it is inserted in the ignition. If you lost your transponder car key, you can only get a replacement from a car locksmith because it is very difficult to duplicate a key of this type, as they are designed to avoid theft.

• Double or Four-Sided Key. Most apartments that use mechanical locks need a double-sided or a four-sided key. A four-sided key makes it more difficult for a burglar to unpick your lock.

• Paracentric Key. It is designed to open a paracentric lock which has small picks at the end. You will find this in high-security buildings.

• Dimple. To unlock the door with this type of key, the dimples must match the pins on the lock. It can also be difficult to pick.

• Keycard. This looks like a regular plastic card, but it has a magnetic strip which the door mechanism reads before you can unlock a door.

Types of Locks
• Padlock. Some padlocks nowadays are either combination locks that need a series of numbers to be unlocked or key/non-key retaining. They can still be broken by burglars, so you might want to consider another lock installation option.

• Knob Lock. This is the most common door locks that have a rotatable knob and cylinder. They are quite easy to bypass so the locksmith service usually recommends installing it with other types of locks.

• Deadbolt. This is the lock recommended for external doors, because they cannot be picked easily or even broken by brute force. Contact a 24 hour locksmith to repair a lock or replace it entirely if there is a sign of forced entry.

• Electronic Lock. It operates with the use of electric current and can be locked or unlocked remotely.

• Card/Fob/Fingerprint Lock. These are high-tech locks called access systems that are programmed professionally to limit access. Locksmith services can install security systems as sophisticated as these.

• Standard Key Car Entry. If you are still using an older car model in Singapore, you’re most likely using a standard key for the vehicle which looks similar to a mechanical door key. They are less secure, but you can find a Singapore car locksmith to have an emergency key duplicate the moment you realize “I lost my car keys.”

• Electronic Car Lock. To unlock car doors of these cars, you will likely be asked to provide a code. With this level of sophistication, they can also be difficult to duplicate or replace when lost. It will be also difficult for you to unlock car doors by yourself if you forgot the code. Contact a professional key maker in case you have lost your key to avoid theft.

• Keyless Car Entry. For those who have a habit of forgetting things, this might be the best option because you don’t need a physical key anymore. You either punch a code on the keypad or use it in combination with a key fob. It is the most secure lock for your car but only a locksmith services company is licensed to replace or fix broken locks.

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