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5 ways to relax for introverts

If you’ve been branded as “boring” too many times than you can count, then you might want to take a break from all that self-loathing and accept yourself as an introvert instead. You typically enjoy me time more often and much more intensely than most people, therefore earning a few snide stares from classmates or colleagues. Don’t fret: that’s just the way you cope.

You may be a little different than most people, but you don’t have to think something’s wrong with you. You’re just introverted and it’s actually not a bad thing.

So before you damage your self-esteem a little further, here are ways for you to replenish all that psychological energy that seems too evasive especially on busy days:

1. Accept yourself
This might sound too repetitive, but introverts need to accept themselves first before they can go ahead and take care of themselves. If you feel tired from all that psychological energy spent on social interaction, it’s okay to feel exhausted. Accept that you have limits when interacting with people and try to manage your coping based on this fact.

2. Negotiate need for space with your loved ones
Directly affected with introverts’ need for space are those closest to them. They get the backseat oftentimes when introverts need to recharge through their alone time. It is a must to keep your loved ones well-informed of your intervals of alone time, so they would know when you’re psychologically spent and not getting into another bout with them. They need to be the most understanding of your need for space since the ones closest to you absorb the most shock from all your social withdrawal.

3. Engage in music therapy
Compose a playlist that’s so you. Regardless of genre, music does wonders to relax a distressed psyche. So take time to list down your favorite and categorize them depending on the mood you’re in. If you want to relax, then have a ready playlist to soothe yourself. If you’re looking to boost your day, you should have a playlist ready with all the pep you need. Introverts connect with music deeper than most people, so use this to your advantage.

4. Learn something new
One thing about introverts is that they need stimulation much more than most people do. But not socially – just something they need to engage in that doesn’t require physical energy, but is psychologically and mentally stimulating. So one way to help them dispense all that energy is to bury themselves in activities that require their concentration. Learning a new instrument, learning how to cook or bake or even learning how to ride a bike can use up their energy and help them unwind as well.

5. Write. Write. Write.
Since introverts don’t dispense of their thoughts as often as extroverts do, they need an outlet for all their ideas and opinions. So what better way to share a piece of their minds than to write them down. It gives them release and also helps them unwind from all those social interaction. Every stroke of their pen or every button they key in helps put things in perspective. It also keeps them company in ways only introverts enjoy and appreciate.

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