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5 Things to Do Before Getting a Short Haircut

Whether you’re thinking of sporting a pixie, bob or a Charlize Theron-inspired buzz cut, getting a short haircut can really make you feel fantastically fresh. But if you’ve never experienced short hair before, then getting one might require a rather big adjustment on your part. Luckily, you can do these five things to make your cut transition easier and reduce your chance of getting a cut that you don’t love.


  1. Collect Some Hair Inspiration Photos. If you feel like you’re getting a drastic haircut, then this is the first step that you should do. Before visiting your stylist, gather several hair inspiration photos whether it’s a picture of your friend or some celebrity whose haircut you admire the most. Just be realistic with your expectations though, as you’ll be more likely get a different version of the cut that you really admire and not the exact haircut that you want.
  1. Test It Out. There are several ways on how you can test whether or not you look good with short haircut, before committing to an actual cut. You can try out a wig, fake it with an up-do, or do a virtual makeover. By doing this, you’ll get an idea to how the particular style will look on you and this will help you decide whether or not you’ll push through with it.


  1. Consult Your Stylist. Once you’re done collecting photos of your hair inspiration and testing it out, the last step left for you to do is to consult your stylist. During your consultation, be clear and specific about the results you want to achieve, but also be open to the professional suggestions of your stylist. Voice out your concerns about getting that particular haircut, specifically if it will fit right in with your busy lifestyle and hair type. If your stylist doesn’t seem interested about discussing these things, then feel free to check on a different salon that listens to your needs.
  1. Purchase the Right Styling Tools and Products. Although this is something that you can talk with your stylist as you get your haircut, doing some research beforehand wouldn’t also hurt. It would be a great idea for you to purchase a mini-straightener to tame and straighten your short hair. Products such as dry shampoo, mousse and hair oil or serum, are also great to have in hand for styling your newly shortened hair. Stock up on these tools and products beforehand, because bedhead struggle is real with short hair.
  1. Undergo Haircut Stages. Regardless of how much you want short hair, feeling a bit hesitant to commit to such a huge change is understandable. The best way to overcome this though, is to have your hair cut in stages. Start by getting a long bob first then a bob then a long pixie. With this, getting a short haircut will become less of a transition to you and you can already get used to a shorter hair at your own pace.

Everyone can look good in a short hair. It’s just a matter of finding the right haircut for your hair type and lifestyle. Just don’t get too frustrated in case you end up with a cut that’s quite different than you expected. Remember, it’s just hair and hair always grows back.


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