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3 Simple Tips for Cost-Effective House Painting Services

Many homeowners in Singapore employ the assistance of professional painting services for many reasons. Some people want to repaint their homes just to boost the appeal of the house, sport a new look, or prepare to sell the house. Whatever reason you may have, here are some cost-effective tips you can apply when you start your home painting project.


Repaint Regularly

Though this may sound counter-intuitive, keeping wall paints at its best condition will have lesser chances of maintenance issues. Many Singapore homeowners choose to delay home repainting, thinking that it will help them save more money. They don’t know that leaving the house’s damaged paints will incur more expenses from issues they don’t notice until it’s too late.

Cracked paints allow moisture in that causes mildew, mold, water damage, and dry rot. Instead of just paying for a can of paint, you may end up spending more for wall repairs. The most costly part of home painting is the professional labor fee. If your house has hidden damages due to delayed maintenance, you may have to shed more on Colour View affordable painting services from Singapore since more painting preparation is needed, like sanding, scraping, priming, caulking, as well as the damage repairs. If you just keep your home’s surfaces well-maintained, you can just ask your painting services crew to repaint the walls with once coat and you’re good to go.


Choose Only the Best

Though a cheap paint can save you a few dollars, it may require you to spend even more on the long run because of its non-lasting quality. The best qualities of paints will always outperform and outlast the cheap ones, and will give your home’s surfaces much better finish. Cheap paints may be made of “chalk,” which may develop a chalky texture when it dries, or may easily peel or chip off. Always remember that the purpose of house painting is not just to beautify but also to protect your home from rain, sun, and frequent changes of temperature.

Being cost-effective is not just about making the price as the only deciding factor, but being able to balance the cost and worth.  Make a checklist of the things to be done and look for a reputable painting services provider. Make sure that the painting services you choose performs all the tasks in your checklist without costing you additional charges.

Go For Wholesale


You would probably think to repaint one room at a time for easier budget management. But try to ask your Singapore painting services provider about the cost of a house painting project in volumes. Many painting services company in Singapore provide reasonable discounts for interior and exterior home repainting done together. Since they will only have to work in one site, contractors can save on gas, scheduling crew, and travel and set up time. They can then pass some of their savings to you.

Also, ask your painting services contractor for discounts if you can find more clients to schedule their repainting job, too; or try asking for a discount if you invite a neighbor to have their house painted at the same time as yours.

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