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20 Puzzle Games You Should Try


Tired of the usual shooters and save-the-world stories? Try your hand at one of these 20 mind-bending games.

Bejeweled’s objective is to line up three or more similar gems to make them disappear.


Braid features Tim who is trying to rescue the princess. The player guides Tim on his journey through each stage. The puzzles solved recreate the story.


Bookworm Adventures allows the player to guide Lex by defeating enemies. The combat consists of forming words to inflict damage.


Echochrome lets the player control a mannequin while traveling through different three-dimensional shapes. These shapes can be rotated and the player must avoid obstacles along the way.


Fez features Gomez who, when acquiring a red fez, sees the three-dimensional world. He must collect cubes to return the world to what it was while solving puzzles in the environment.


Gunpoint uses the elements of stealth to guide the spy Richard Conway in his tasks and to search for a murderer. The player should avoid obstacles and traps inside buildings.


Hexcells Infinite is the third installment of a series. It’s goal is to determine which cells must be eliminated or highlighted.


Lemmings allows the player to guide lemmings to an exit. A certain number of survivors must reach the exit at a specific time to clear a level.

Limbo allows the player to a guide a boy in his search for his sister. The player must avoid traps and use objects in the environment while traveling.


MouseCraft’s goal is to help Schrodinger to finally complete his invention. Mice must be guided safely to a block of cheese.


Myst lets a player travel to an interactive world in first-person perspective to find clues about the interconnected Ages.


Mummy Maze is a form of logic game where you guide a character out of a maze by avoiding the mummies and other creatures.


Peggle has fifty-five levels to complete by shooting balls at colored pegs. Points are also earned depending on how the shots were made.


Picross 3D is a form of a nonogram which allows the player to create an image on a rectangular prism by chipping away cubes.


Portal features Chell who must be guided through different interconnected rooms. The puzzle consists of teleporting Chell and other objects using a device.


Puzzle Quest incorporates elements of a role-playing game but the combat is in the form of turn-based puzzles.


Tangram is a form of dissection puzzle where you form shapes using seven pieces called tan. Magma Mobile has a mobile version.


Tetris was made by Alexey Pajitnov. Its goal is to place pieces by rotating and moving them to create an unbroken line of blocks to make them disappear.


Trash Panic’s goal is to make all the garbage fit in a can by breaking, burning, or decomposing each to avoid overflowing.


World of Goo lets the player create structures using goo. Its goal is to get the right number of goo balls to an exit.

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