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10 Iconic Human Males from Video Games

Sometimes it’s not just the gameplay that creates a successful game. There are a lot of characters that have become legendary for their appeal and story. Here are ten guys who stand out.

Dante of Devil May Cry

Dante wants justice for his slain brother and mother. The opening shows the demon hunter Dante in his office when Trish barges in and tells him that demon Emperor Mundus is returning.


Duke Nukem of Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is trying to thwart Dr. Proton’s plans to rule over the world with his Techbots. The first game was released in 1991. It has several spin-offs and a comic series.


Geralt of The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia was one of those selected to be trained and genetically-enhanced with powers. Called a witcher, he went on to become a monster hunter and traveled with his horse Plotka after he received his Wolf medallion.


Harkyn of Lords of the Fallen

Convicted criminal Harkyn was released by Kaslo to help stop an attack of the Rhogar under Ardyr, the god who once ruled humanity and was defeated by the Judges.


Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza

Kazuma Kiryu took responsibility for his boss’s death and was kicked out of the Tojo clan. He did so to protect his best friend Akira Nishikiyama. After spending time in prison, he still wants to help his former family.

Kratos of God of War

Kratos won every battle he commanded until he faced a barbarian who overwhelmed his army. On the verge of defeat, he called on the god Ares for help. He was able to defeat the opponent but at a great cost. When he attacked a village dedicated to Athena, he accidentally killed his wife and his child who were brought by Ares for such a purpose.


Max Payne of Max Payne

Former police officer Max Payne is looking for the murderers of his wife and his child. The perpetrators were high in a drug called Valkyr. Max was also framed for the murder of his partner while doing undercover work.


Nathan Drake of Uncharted

Nathan Drake finds a notebook in the coffin of ancestor Sir Francis Drake. He thinks that Drake tried to hide his discovery of El Dorado, but Nate is determined to get there with friend Victor Sullivan.


The Prince of Prince of Persia

The first game was released in 1989 and featured the Prince. He must save a princess from the vizier Jaffar. The Sands of Time series was a reboot of the older games. The Prince finds the Dagger of Time and was tricked by the vizier into releasing the Sands of Time.


Samanosuke Akechi of Onimusha

The game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japan with elements of the supernatural. Princess Yuki sends a letter to Samanosuke Akechi detailing the disappearances of servants in the castle. When he arrived, he learned that demons called genma have taken her.

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