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What Attracts People to Illegal Betting?

Illegal betting is illegal for a reason. Singaporeans should take this seriously because it might cost their freedom at the end of the day. Let it be known that the Singapore police rounded up eighteen people on May 18 and 19, 2014 for illegal betting. The police conducted multiple raids throughout the island to get rid of the illegal betting syndicate. Apart from the perpetrators, the police seized S$ 1.4 million cash, computers, documents and hand phones used for betting.

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Singaporeans should know the implications and the repercussions of their actions. For illegal betting, if you are found guilty, you could be fined S$ 200,000 and be put into prison for at least five years. Sounds scary, right? It is important that you understand your attraction to illegal betting so you can resolve the issue and tackle the root cause.

So, what attracts people to illegal betting? Here are some ideas and insights:

  • Banning of betting: The banning of betting is the main reason why people are attracted to illegal betting. If it is not banned, people will not go to “bookmakers” (who take bets from gamblers) and risk their name. Here in Singapore, not all betting is illegal. You only need to make sure that you are betting legally.


  • Syndicates offer better odds: People are attracted to illegal betting because they find that syndicates offer better odds. Syndicates are very intelligent to offer more so they can attract more patrons. There are cases that the syndicates offer great prize for the winning bet. Gamblers see this as an opportunity.
  • Social stigma: There are gamblers who do not wish to be seen when they place their bets. This social stigma leads to illegal gambling. In illegal gambling, you do not need to be physical present when you place your bet unlike the legal channels where you are expected to be there.

If you know what attracts you to illegal betting, you need to shut it. If you get involved in the network of illegal betting, you will find it harder to go out so as early as now, you have to make the choice and move on with your life without betting.

If you are not in this network, the best that you can do is help. If you have any information about illegal betting, you can call the Criminal Investigation Department right away and report it. Whether it is the bookmaker or the bettor, they need to be punished and prosecuted.


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