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Weight Loss Smoothies?!

Nutritionists Give Suggestions for Smoothies That Help You Lose Weight


Smoothies are great thirst quenchers perfect for the coming summer season. Everybody can make a smoothie and the best part is, the ingredients are just found in your own kitchen.


Delightfully, smoothies are not only delectable desserts we can indulge once in a while. Nutritionists advise that, with the right ingredients, smoothies can help us shed some unwanted pounds and flush harmful toxins from the body.

Listed below are some of the smoothie options nutritionists recommend for a healthy body free from excess fat and harmful toxins.


Delicious protein smoothie

To make flavorful smoothie, just add some bananas, kale leaves, pears, cucumbers, zesty lemon and hemp powder. You could also add a bit of water to the mix in order from everything to be blended well together. Depending on your taste, you can add other fruits you want to the mix.

Chill it first before serving for a refreshing kick. For a hassle-free morning, it is recommended that you make this smoothie the night before and then drink it the morning after. If you are planning to take this regularly, you can change up some of the smoothie’s ingredients so that your body won’t get used to the combination.

This protein smoothie is teeming with fiber that is necessary for the elimination of toxins and free radicals in the body.

Go green spinach smoothie

There are only two ingredients needed for this smoothie- avocado and spinach. These ingredients are healthy sources of fiber needed in the body. If you want to add some sweetness to the mixture, pop some grapes in your blender for that healthy sweetness.

Avocado is a major source of healthy oils needed in the body that makes us feel full. This prevents random bouts of hunger during the day. The lasting effects also make each meal last longer, a good way of reducing food intake during the day.

Fresh ginger smoothie

Smoothies don’t necessarily have to be green in color. The ginger smoothie is a light yellow combination of ginger, yoghurt and oats. You can also add some mixed berries if you like. The combination of rolled oats guarantees a filling breakfast to jumpstart your day.


Sweet papaya smoothie

Made from cucumber and papaya, this smoothie helps with bloating problems. Drinking this smoothie regularly help flatten a stomach bloated from excessive eating and drinking.

Papaya has been known to fight and solve problems with indigestion. With the added twist of cucumber, it is a fast and delicious relief from digestive problems.

Delectable mango smoothie

Not much ingredients are needed for this tropical smoothie. Just add spirulina and some water. Spirulina is added to this smoothie so that your body can enjoy the important irons.

Surely, drinking this tasty smoothie will help you feel pampered and relaxed- perfect for days just lazing at home.

Zesty citrus smoothie

Oranges and grapes are put together in this smoothie for the perfect combination of nutrients and minerals.

This smoothie provides an ample amount of calcium for the body and also a helpful source of needed energy.

pumpkin smoothies

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