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The Secret to Serving Alcohol without Making Your Guests Drunk


We are excited to host gatherings especially if we have a lot of ideas. With this, organizing a Christmas or New Year’s party is no trouble at all. We already arranged everything from the venue to the foods but we came short of ideas tackling drinks.


It is normal to have drinks for parties but as much as possible, we do not want to encourage heavy booze or drunkenness amongst our guests. Getting drunken guests will lead to trouble and we do not want that. However, there is one solution that we can consider – serving alcohol without making our guests drunk.

This is possibly. Here are some ideas:

  • Provide an option: You do not need to make every drink alcoholic. Your guests will be overwhelmed with choices and for those who are not into alcoholic beverages, they will be thankful to drink sparkling water, soft drinks, white wine or beer.
  • Keep the bottles out of sight: If you flaunt all the bottles you have, your guests will freely get one and another one then another. This will make them drunk.


  • Serve drinks personally: You will be hailed as a good hostess if you personally serve drinks. Your guests will be uncomfortable asking you for more refills.
  • Serve food first: If the food is available, guests will not feel hungry and they will not attempt to curb their hunger through drinks. If the food is not yet available, the best thing to do is to provide something they can nibble. You have to know that meals can slow down the absorption of alcohol. So, serve food before the drinks.

Our guests should never leave the venue drunk or they will bump into trouble.


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