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The Korean Trend

We may be living several miles away from Korea but that didn’t stop their food and style influences from reaching our borders. You could see that Korea has a strong influence in fashion and beauty, especially in women’s wear, makeup, facial care, and even hairstyle. And when it comes to Korean food, well it can’t be denied that it is indeed delicious as well. So if like many, you’ve also been bitten by the “Korean bug” then check out this list for a preview of some Korean stores here in Singapore that might just help you get that fix you’ve been searching for your cravings that has to do with anything Korean.



Koreans are probably among the most stylish and fashion-forward citizens in the world. Whenever they set a trend, almost everyone wants to copy it. One such trend is the loose top complemented with a pair of short shorts. But whatever trend they start, it always seems to be a hit. So, for all the fashion-conscious women out there who want to imitate that Korean-style, there’s no need to fly to Korea to buy some clothes. Instead, you could check out Tiramisu Boutique, located at Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road, for some clothes-shopping or perhaps you could just check out the numerous shops online.


Face Care & Makeup

Let’s face it. No pun intended. We are jealous of the flawless skin Koreans seem to have been naturally born with. Korean women, and even men, have blemish-free skin and their pores are impossibly invisible. So how exactly do they maintain such envious skin? Well, we may not exactly know how but we could at least try by using their home grown face and cosmetic products. Since the turn of the century, Korean products specializing on face care have been gaining a steady following. Now, Singaporeans wanting to grab a hold of these products have a good number of options to choose from. You’ve got The Face Shop, Etude House, and Tony Moly among others.


For sure, by now, you’ve already heard about bulgogi, bibimbap, and kimchi. These are just a few of the Korean dishes that have won the taste buds of many foodies. Korean food is definitely worth trying as it is known to contain several health benefits plus it is simply delicious. And if you want a taste of their dishes, Big Mama Korean Restaurant at 2 Kim Tian Road is a great place to fill your tummy.



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