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The Best Way to Clear your Nose

Your nose is bugging you because you think that it will flow anytime. You sniff and blow a lot. Sometimes your nose gets irritated because you do not stop unless the congestion is present. Congested nose is the inflammation of the membrane’s blood vessel inside the nostrils. It is caused by a flu, allergy or cold. The excess mucus will make it harder to breathe.


Though it is not life threatening (for adults and kids), it is still important that you deal with it. You have to be cautious because it is life threatening for newborns. For adults and kids, congested nose can be troubling and annoying. The good thing about clogged or congested nose is that it can be cleared easily. Another bonus is that it can be cleared in a short period of time at a minimal cost.

This article will give Singaporeans better ideas to deal with congested or clogged nose. This can help everyone. Here are some ways to clear your nose:

  • Do not blow your nose all the time: It is not advisable to always blow your nose whenever you feel like it. Blowing it all the time can irritate it. Many people think that the first thing to do when you have congestion is to always blow it. That is wrong and it might worsen the situation.
  • OTC decongestant: If you want a relief immediately, you have to consider over-the-counter decongestant. You can also consider antihistamine. Medications are widely available. You can ask your local drugstores for immediate relief from clogged nose.
  • Saline nasal solution: The most common household relief for congested nose is saline nasal solution. This is easy to make it is not that costly. Saline solution is a mixture of water and salt. It can soothe the inflamed nose. It is also effective in expelling bacteria and mucus.
  • Steaming: The steam can help you breathe easier. You can do the steaming as often as you like as long as it makes you comfortable. You can either consider a steamy shower or you can utilize your vaporizer. If you use your vaporizer, be sure to refer to the manual.


  • Drink water: Experts and elderly will always remind us to drink lots of water when you suffer clogging of the nose. Staying hydrated can do the trick. Plenty of liquid will make it easier to relieve congestion. It can soothe the nasal passages that are irritated.
  • Warm compress: There are people who find warm compress effective. The first thing that you should do is wet your washcloth with hot water and lie down. Apply the washcloth on your nose bridge so it can clear the nostrils. If you think that once or twice is not enough, you should consider another one.
  • Vapor rub: Vapor rub is common medication for people with clogged nose. There are people who find this effective because of it contains eucalyptus or menthol. Eucalyptus or menthol can relieve the congestion if inhaled. Do not apply directly unto the nose. Just rub it on your chest or throat before going to sleep.

Many Singaporeans think that congested nose is a minor problem but prolonged exposure can be difficult. You have to try the things mentioned above. If despite your best efforts you still failed to relieve yourself of the excess mucus, it is time that you see your doctors.


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