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Tax Refund in Singapore

Have you heard about Tax Refund? It is important that you know something about it while you are in Singapore because it can help you at the end of the day. As a visitor in Singapore, you are entitled to claim a refund on GST (Goods and Services Tax) when you leave the country. You will be refunded 7% of your total purchases. To qualify for the tax refund, you have to spend at least S$100 or more. You might ask how to claim your tax refund. Here’s how:


eTRS Self Help Kiosk

eTRS (Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme) is the easiest and the most convenient way to claim your tax refund. You should select one debit/credit card as a token for marking your purchases that are entitled for refund. The purpose of this token is to easily identify or recover all details of your purchases at once when you consider GST at eTRS kiosks.


Make sure to shop at eTRS participating stores. When shopping, you should use one debit/credit card as a token. You should not forget to ask for receipt and eTRS ticket after paying.

Prior to Departure

If you want to check in your purchases, you should first apply a GST refund at the nearest eTRS kiosks (check in hall of the airport or level one of the cruise terminal) by means of your eTRS tickets or tokens. Keep in mind that you are not allowed a tax refund if you checked in your purchases before your application.

If you want to hand carry your purchases, you can go to eTRS kiosks (Departure Transit Lounge of the airport or level two of the cruise terminal) and apply for GST refunds.

Collecting Refunds

If you leave via the Changi Airport, tax refund will be given to you through cash or credit card. If you prefer to credit the refund directly to your card, you should wait for ten days. If you prefer cash refunds, you should head to Central Refund Counter with the slip so you can collect your cash.

If you leave via the International Passenger Terminal, Marina Bay Cruise Centre and Seletar Airport, tax refund will be given to you through bank cheque or credit card. If you prefer bank cheque refunds, you should first fill out important details like the mailing address and the payee name on the slip. After that, you can drop the accomplished slip to designated refund box. The cheque will be mailed to you after 14 days.

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