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Someone Likes You? 3 Simple Things to Watch Out For to be Sure

Some of the biggest complaints about Singaporean guys is that they can be quite passive. On the other side of the spectrum, there are also complaints about girls being unapproachable. The reason behind all the complaining? Attraction! Well, we complain if we’re attracted to someone but there’s something that holds us back. A bit sad if you think about it but there’s a certain truth to it still. But it can be a different story if the person you like, actually likes you back. If you’re unsure about it, here are 3 things you can try to look out for.

In a laughing scenario

A person looks appealing when he/she smiles or laughs. This extends not just in attraction, but to all human interactions in general. That is why we tend to look at a person we are attracted to if they are smiling or laughing, because we enjoy seeing them in that moment.

Someone who likes you will also most likely look at you when he/she is laughing or smiling as a signal of interest. In a group setting where something funny is being shared, a person will almost always look at the person they are most attracted to or feel closest to.

How their friends act

When your friends know you like someone, you’ll never be able to contain the truth for longer. For some reason, people always enjoy teasing someone (and they do it pretty obviously) when the person they like is around, no matter how close they are as friends. This usually applies to guys though.

When it comes to girls, it can be the same and it can also be different. If a girl is with her group of friends, they will (also quite noticeably) let the girl know that your around.

Body language

If you’re having mixed ideas of someone being possibly attracted to you, watch their body language. When a person likes you, he/she will most likely lean towards you when you’re talking. Another sign is if the person removes physical barriers between each of you. If you’re to her left, a girl will move her handbag to her right so that there’s an open space between you, for example. Also, another reliable part to look is the feet. Someone who is attracted to you may point his/her feet towards you.

Though body language can be a great factor to observe if someone likes you, it can also be a double-edged sword. This is simply because body language can be misunderstood at times. A guy could be touchy if he likes you, but what if he’s naturally touchy with everyone else. There are still a lot of factors to take into account.

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