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Shaving Done Right!

10 Shaving Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Did you know that in the past, women have not always shaved their legs? Shaved legs only became a trend during World War Two when nylon stockings have run short in supply. But today, smooth, hairless legs are a beauty necessity even among Singaporean women. So here some shaving tricks and hacks that every woman should to make leg hair shaving become less of a chore.


  1. Apply oil before putting shaving cream. One of the best shaving tips for women is to use some oil before, or in lieu of shaving cream. Using natural oil helps in preventing razor burns, which happens when you shave with shaving cream alone. Olive, coconut, and sweet almonds oil are some of the oils that you could use to give your razor a smoother glide across your legs.
  1. Opt for men’s shaving foam. For an unfathomable reason, some Singapore manufacturers charge more for women’s shaving creams, than they do for men’s. Although the scent might not be as good, it would be wise for your budget to go with men’s shaving cream, as it does the same job just for a fraction of the price of women’s shaving foam.
  1. Frequently change your razors. Other being unhygienic, a dull and blunt blade of an old razor also causes cuts and nicks. Get a smoother and nick-free shave by changing your razors after using it about three to five times. Also, don’t be tempted to purchase cheap packets of razors since they won’t last long, and are more likely to cause razor marks.
  1. Exfoliate skin before shaving. Exfoliate your skin as you shower by using an exfoliating gloves, or an exfoliation scrub, and rinse thoroughly before shaving. This will not just make shaving your legs easier, but will also make your razor last longer. If you prefer using homemade scrubs, then the sugar and coconut oil mix would be the best to make and use.


  1. Use short shaving strokes. Shaving the whole length of your leg in a single long stroke only leads to nicks and cuts. Going for short strokes are the best as you work slowly along your legs.
  1. Shave along the grain, then against it. Shaving against the grain of your leg hair will only cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. The ideal way to have a smooth leg shave is to shave with the grain first, then against it on the second time. That way you’ll get a closer shave without getting skin irritations.
  1. Never shave over unhealed cuts. If you have an unhealed cut, it would be best to leave it alone until it’s properly healed. Shaving the marred area will only delay its healing time, or worse, get it infected.
  1. Use cold cucumber paste or Shea butter to soothe shave bumps. In cases where shaving left you with shaving bumps and irritated skin, quickly soothe it by dabbing some Shea butter or a freshly made cucumber paste. This will quickly cool and reduce the inflammation of the area.

Doing a clean shave on your legs can be quite tricky. But with these tips and hacks to serve as your guide, you can now easily go from a hairy damsel to a leg hair-free lass.

Shea Butter and nuts

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