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Read This Before Buying That Diamond Ring  


It is the love month. We hear men proposing and women getting excited about their weddings come June. This should not pressure us but if you are thinking about settling down and proposing to your girl, it is time that you know critical points before buying that diamond ring. Diamond rings are symbols of love and commitment.


If you can afford one, why not indulge your girl? Every girl dreams of a diamond ring. Marriage is forever and so is diamond. You have done the most tedious part – looking for the right person. Now is the time to consider a diamond ring. Looking for a diamond ring is not that easy because there are many things that you have to consider. Here is a guide before buying that diamond ring:

Be familiar

It is important that you familiarize yourself with diamonds. You do not want to depend on the seller. You have to show that you are learned when it comes to this precious stone. Heard about the 4 Cs when it comes to diamonds? 4 Cs refer to color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These Cs are your guide to help you determine the real value of the stone. In the case of diamonds, the color can be from yellow to colourless. Remember that the more colourless it is, the more valuable. Clarity on the other hand is evaluated based on the existence of scratches and internal flaws. Cut talks about the light it refracts and carat weight refers to the heaviness. When buying a diamond, remember that a little of knowledge will bring you lots of troubles. It is therefore important to do your research and be familiar. Sometimes looking for the right one can be tedious and intimidating.

Do not think of it as an investment


It can only be an investment if you decide to buy and sell it. Since your girl will wear it, it should never be considered an investment. Perhaps the experience of seeing it every day is an investment enough. If you think of a diamond as an investment, it will take time to decide which one is best. However, if color or the cut is not important to you and to your significant other, do not let other people dictate what ring you should consider.

Think of where you want to buy

If you heard your fiancée discussed about a Tiffany & Co diamond ring, you have to consider it. If she likes Kay or Zales, you have to consider it as well. Sometimes, you have to think where to buy and this is according to the likes of your girl. If she is not particular about the ring, you can consider online retailers with good standing and reputable name.

Watch out for the fake

Diamonds are expensive and if it is not close to it, it is probably a fake. There are some cases where the price is too high but still there is a risk of fake. The best thing to do is to check the weight and the color. Fake diamonds are often heavier than the real ones and the fake colour will send out more rainbows when refracted by light.


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