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About Me Once you have made a list of business you want to get into, you will want to research each one so that you can see a few different things and will be able to compare the choices. It does not matter if the business is going to be in the US or in Singapore you need to be sure to make the right business choice that is going to work for you. One thing that you will want to compare is the startup cost. The next thing that you will want to compare would be the potential for the business.

Vegan Pantry Staples: Food Items to Stock in Your Kitchen

Shopping for vegan grocery food items is pretty easy once you know the basics to look for. A lot of beginners often feel intimidated by this, but disregarding the elaborate and lengthy product labels and all that, a simple guide can pave a long way for you to master the art of shopping vegan food items.

Note that having a well-stocked pantry at home is a trump card of every efficient kitchen. Following a vegan diet doesn’t have to be all greens and salads, instead, you can always experiment with cooking different meals whenever you feel like it!

Nuts are great to snack on as it is. In some dishes, nuts are also considered the perfect additional ingredient to help step up the flavor. They are notably good for the heart and they help you live a healthier, longer life. Nuts come in a wide array of kinds thus making them a must-have in every vegan kitchen. For some meal ideas, you can combine walnuts into your salads, blend cashews into cheese, or turn pine nuts into pesto.

Vegan milk
Vegan milk options range from almond, soy, rice, cashew, and coconut milk – which all packs the essential nutrients you need minus the staggering amount of calories in your normal milk. Coconut milk, for one, has high fiber and B vitamin content. Meanwhile, soy milk contains generous amount of protein and almond milk has zero cholesterol (which can clog your arteries) and no saturated fat as well.

Beans are packed with antioxidants, protein and fiber which are all beneficial to the body. Regardless of whether they come in cans or in dried variety, beans are easy to store in your pantry. They add depth in almost every dish, and sometimes you can even add them in some desserts! You can never go wrong with having a regular stock of cannellini beans, chickpeas, and black peas.

Herbs and spices

• Cumin – It adds a smoky flavor to your meals. The taste of cumin commonly stands out in a lot of spicy and Mexican dishes.
• Cinnamon – This is generally used for sweet treats, but cinnamon also adds a rich flavor in making savory meals.

• Cayenne – The perfect spice for chili lovers! If you’re a fan of the spicy heat, have cayenne in your kitchen.
• Oregano – Often branded as the flavor of Italy, Oregano undoubtedly boosts the flavor of your meals. Plus it comes in a greenish color, making it a perfect garnish for your dishes.
• Turmeric – Turmeric adds a bright yellow color to your dishes, such as that in curry. Aside from color, it also adds an earthy flavor to your recipes and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Common Reasons Why You Always Feel Drowsy at Work

If you picture out a typical workday afternoon, you are likely to visualize yourself fighting the urge to fall asleep while sitting at your desk. This is true for a lot of employees who work a normal 9-5 desk job. The afternoon is usually the time when your lunch break feels long ago, and the end of your shift seems like it’d still take many years to go.

Maybe you’re paralyzed with pent-up work fatigue, or your body just craves some decent sleep. Either way, there are a number of reasons that come into play if you feel sleepy the entire day at work.

• The afternoon
We are all familiar with the after-lunch slump, of feeling a little too sleepy after eating a hearty lunch meal, but even if you eat less amount of food you are still likely to stumble across this phenomenon. This is because of the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which is responsible for telling the brain when to feel active and alert and when to fall asleep. The latter usually also happens in the early afternoon, not only during night time.

• Cooped up indoors
Science says that in order to keep your body in an alert and energetic state, you have to get some exposure from the sun and move around. Being active is one effective way to keep your drowsiness away. If you sit in front of a computer in a dark room for the whole day long, chances are you’ll feel sleepy at some point.

• You lack sleep
Ideally, we need at least 8 hours of rest to ensure our bodies are in peak condition as we work. If you happen to lack sleep, you are undoubtedly to feel worn-out. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night in order to avoid this from happening. Head to bed early, you’ll be surprised how much your health and mood will improve if you pick up this habit.

• Health and personal issues
If you happen to get full eight hours of sleep every night but still find yourself struggling to keep awake, there is a chance you might have overlooked medical issues and concerns. For instance, Anemia (the lack of iron in the body) and an underactive Thyroid are among the common causes of weariness. Even if you get as much sleep as you can get, these health conditions are notorious for making the body feel weary.

Other health issues which may be behind your regular drowsiness include food intolerance, sleep apnoea, diabetes, and also pregnancy.

How to be More Confident About Your Writing

Confidence is something that really differentiates the strong from the weak. Without displaying confidence, your writings tend to fall into an unappealing category of soft influence. Confidence changes a lot of things. From the way you stand to the way you talk, there are a lot of ways where you can display confidence. Now how about writing? Is it really that hard to show confidence in your writing? Well, definitely not!

Here are a few ways to show confidence with your writing:

1. Do not over-sell. Sometimes when you aren’t that confident with what you have, you tend to over-sell instead of letting your writing speak for itself. Over-selling can be annoying sometimes and when you’ve already convinced someone, additional information might just turn them off or make them lose interest because of the information overload.

2. Mention references. Do your research! Never go to battle empty handed. Without sufficient research, you’ll end up clueless when it comes to defending your writing plus your writing wouldn’t be that solid. Leave no room for error. Cover your weak spots by offering an explanation or a reference to save you from receiving heat for that specific section of your writing.

3. Keep it simple. Yup, sometimes you don’t need to over-complicate things. Some people tend to make something seem complicated for others to look at their writings as intelligent but it is definitely useless because not that many people can understand them. Simplify your work but also don’t over-simplify. Paint colorful pictures without soaking the whole canvas in massive layers of paint.

4. Use words carefully. Take note, we didn’t say strong, we said perfect. There are so many different levels to elaborate the world talk for example, you can blurt, you can shout, or you can whisper. Make sure to use the right vocabulary to be able to perfectly elaborate your work. Paying attention to grammar and vocabulary is definitely important.

5. Leave room for criticism. Criticism is very important. Besides, you can’t be right everytime. In fact, strength is not found in being perfect, it is found in how you handle criticism. Allow people to criticize you but this doesn’t mean you should allow people to step on top of you. There is a huge difference between the two.

Some people prefer reading writings which were written with confidence which is why it would be a huge problem if you have an important topic but aren’t able to elaborate it properly or with confidence. Sadly, content nowadays isn’t the only thing that is important, there is also presentation. You have to learn how to present a certain idea with confidence and strength instead of weakness an insecurity. Be a confident writer and see how your writings get noticed.

Ten Percent of Our Brains

A common myth we all grew up with is that we human beings only use ten percent of our brains. Remember growing up and thinking to yourself how ridiculous this fact may be? Well, science has different things to say about this. The first time we’ve encountered this fact, we couldn’t help but think to ourselves, where does the other ninety percent go?

Well, sadly, that’s not really something we’ll answer in this article. Before anything else, can we just take a moment to admire the complexity and the beauty of the human brain? It’s still hard to wrap our finger around the idea that everything we do, even you reading this article right now has something to do with your brain.

Every decision we make and even those things that our body does naturally, all involve the brain! From our eyesight to the way we sneeze, everything involves the brain. Even those distant memories we hold oh so dear to us involves some part of our brains. Even certain things that trigger emotions have a good deal of relationship to our brains.
Well, what we’re here to do is to actually disprove the theory that we can only use ten percent of our brains. A lot of people have argued that a lot of substances make them able to unlock certain parts of their brains which isn’t usually functioning on a normal basis.

Using an FMRI (functional magnetic resonance image) you are able to see the brain activity which observes a person’s brain under the FMRI, you will be able to see that doing specific tasks like telling a story or singing a song unlocks and uses more than ten percent of your brain. This was easier to disprove than we thought. Although it is disproved, we now realize why people say that we only use ten percent of our brain.

Well, this is because in our normal state of mind, we only access certain parts of our brain mainly our memory and our senses but when we are performing a specific task, this is what increases our brain activity and takes us to other parts of our brains which we don’t normally utilize.

Our priority though should be to utilize more than ten percent of our brain’s volume even if we aren’t doing much. And increase our ability to both think and react to the given obstacle right in front of us. Our brains are built for one thing, to help us think! Sadly, not everybody realizes how powerful our thoughts may be. Knowledge is power and it pays to be powerful.

What Can Multi-Function Printers Do?

Also known as multi-function product, multi-function peripheral, all-in-one, multi-function device, and multi-functional, a multi-function printer in Singapore is a type of machine that includes the functions of different devices in one.

It is ideal for office settings that need a laser printer, copier machine, e-mail, fax, scanner, and colour printer. A multi-function printer and copier addresses the needs of a centralized office workflow, so that the management, production, and distribution of printed documents can be easier.

What are the types of multi-function printers or MFP? What are the functions you can expect from such devices? And what should the office look for in MFPs before you buy printer?

Types of Multi-Function Printers

Some manufacturers in Singapore classify MFPs according to their print speed and duty-cycle, but there are other features that are found in some brands that others don’t have. Today, MFPs are generally grouped into four.

1. Office MFP – The size of this printer from oki printer shop in Singapore is ideal for office spaces and have the most features among the MFPs, such as printer, copier, scanner, fax, custom software, network scan, email, data encryption, and many more.

2. All-in-One – This printer will look like any regular desktop laser printer or office printer in Singapore. It’s an ideal MFP for small offices and homes that need printing, scanning, copying, faxing, photo-printing, and even a DVD burner.

3. SOHO MFP – This office printer is also designed for smaller spaces, but is slightly larger than the all-in-one MFP because it has more paper trays. It also features sorting, collation, stapling, hole-punching, and duplexing.

4. Production Printing MFP – This device is the largest of the four and is designed for speed and high-quality printing. It’s ideal for offices that need to print booklets or books for office use.

Devices Included in Multi-Function Printers

Not all MFPs have the same features, but the four most basic functions are printing, scanning, faxing, and copying. Other MFPs might include any of the following functions or devices.

    • Network printing, USB, and other connections
    • Duplex printing
    • Different paper formats
    • Automatic document feeder
    • Duplex scanning
    • Scan transfer methods
    • Scanning security features
    • Faxing
    • Answering machine
    • Cordless phone
    • Color fax
    • Document finishing, such as duplex, stapling, hole-punching, folding, and cover binding
    • Image scaling or rotation
    • Storage capacity
    • User authentication features

Disadvantages of Multi-Function Printers

MFPs can improve the office workflow, but it also has its downsides.

    • There are some MFPs that can only do one task at a time. It means that if it’s printing, it cannot scan or fax at the same time.
    • MFPs can do a lot of things, but you will not get the same quality performance from standalone printers. If your office needs quality photos for example, an inkjet colour printer is a better option.
    • The more expensive MFPs usually have faster printing speeds and high-quality printouts. But if you need printers that can print good quality color images, select MFPs that split the colors individually in more than three colors.
    • A standalone copier machine often does a better job than an MFP when it comes to copying documents.
    • MFPs take up a lot of space than a desktop printer and a standalone copier machine.

Points to Consider When Purchasing an MFP

A single office printer or a copier machine is ideal for offices that do not have a huge workload or do not need to scan, print, and copy in bulk. You can also save more by using special printers for specific needs such as printing colored documents on a graphic art printer or colour printer, because the mono printer will not be overworked. But for offices that need to print several copies daily for various end users, a centralized multi-function printer is the most ideal.

The only difference between a copier machine and multi-function printer is the size of the device, but besides its placement, there are other things you need to consider before you buy printer in Singapore.

    Print Volume. If your office only prints mono documents, you do no need any special printers such as a graphic art printer or a colour printer. Instead, the features you should look for in an MFP should fit the needs of your office. An MFP, no matter how attractive the features might sound like, is only ideal for huge offices because it will take up more resources than are necessary in a small office.

    Printing Speed. By getting a good estimate of the office’s print volume per day, you will get an idea of the printing speed needed. An office printer should have at least a 20-ppm speed. If the print volume is higher, look for printers with at least 40 ppm speed.

    Duplex Printing. This feature will allow the office to save more paper by printing on both sides of each sheet.

    Print and Scan Resolution. A good laser printer should have at least a 600-dpi resolution, while a graphic art printer should have at least a 1,200-dpi resolution. Experts agree that for mono printing, a laser printer is more ideal, while the inkjet printer is the choice for printing photos and illustrations.

    Connection. An MFP is ideal for remote printing, so make sure to check its network capability.

    Scanning Features. An MFP should have a network scanner and a touchscreen interface for accessibility. With this, the users will be able to scan and email from their desktop and computer applications.

    Sorting. An office that has a large print volume will find the sorting feature useful.

    Paper Size. A personal laser printer can accommodate up to 150 sheets per day, but this is ideal only for small offices. If your print volume is high, look for an office printer that can accommodate more than 200 sheets.

    Secondary Features. Look for additional features that your office can use, such as scanning, faxing, stapling, binding, multimedia support, parallel port, image editing, built-in HDD storage, Bluetooth, USB, Firewire, hole punching, and many more.

How to Preserve Your Bridal Flowers After the Wedding Day

A bridal bouquet serves as a precious memento of your special wedding day. While Mother Nature will work her way into wilting your flowers after a period of time, the good news is, there is a way for you to preserve your beautiful blooms for the rest of your life.

Considering all the efforts of your wedding florist and yours combined over picking the perfect floral decor for the big day, it is only natural to desire to hold onto the flowers for a long time. Not to mention, it serves as the perfect keepsake after the wedding. Even when all the wedding cake’s been eaten and all the wedding favors has been handed out, you can always remember the special day once again by looking at your well-preserved flowers.

You do not necessarily have to spend so much on preserving your wedding day flowers. While there are a few floral shops in Singapore who can help you with preserving your flowers, there are also other methods which you can personally do at home. The bridal flowers that you got from mood fleur wedding florist packages in Singapore that you can preserve aren’t only limited to those which are in your bouquet, you can also include a few stems from your centerpiece decors and the like if you deem it fit.

Air drying

Air drying is considered as the most traditional technique to dry your wedding floral decor, not to mention, it is also one of the easiest. This is convenient for brides who are on a strict budget control after the wedding considering you won’t need that many tools and materials to get this process done. Simply gather some flowers from your bouquet or even from your wedding car decor in a bunch. Also, secure them together in a rubber band before you hang them upside down.

Choose a well-ventilated area which is away from direct sunlight to do this process, ideally in an empty closet or from your kitchen rafters. This process will allow you to see the petals shrink and change their colors for yourself. After a few weeks, you will have dried, beautiful flowers in their vintage hues.

Wax preservation

Another method of preserving your wedding day flowers involves the process of preserving the petals in wax. Though this method doesn’t retain the original shape and condition of the flowers, the petals make a good addition in creating your own candles. You can even include some petals from the blooms in your wedding car decor or centerpiece display.

You can also personalize your candles by choosing a particular color and scent that brings you back to your special day. Making a bunch of candles filled with floral petals is also a good token of appreciation to your bridesmaids, your wedding florist, or to family members who were present during the wedding.

Use silica gel

Ever wondered what those silica gel in small, white packets ever do? They’re commonly found in vitamin containers and brand new commercial products since they are effective in controlling moisture and humidity to prevent the degradation of said goods. Silica gel is also effective in preserving your wedding flowers, particularly those with sturdy nature such as roses and zinnias. Consult with your wedding florist if there’s a way to include more sturdy flowers in your wedding day floral package. The more sturdy flowers you have, the better it is for preserving them after.

If you don’t have enough packets of silica gel at hand, you can always drop by the many craft stores within Singapore to buy some. Find a large container and fill it with silica gel before burying your blooms on it. You can expect to uncover well-preserved flowers after a few days or a whole week.

Flower pressing

This method might not retain the three-dimensional shape of your wedding flowers, but this is actually an effective way if you want to preserve your flowers for a long time to come. The flowers will need some time to dry though, before they can be pressed shortly afterwards using a flower press or even simple materials such as a heavy book.

You can actually do this simple process yourself. Taking the bridal bouquet apart, make sure to remove the stems from the flower buds. Place the buds on a few layers of absorbent paper, newsprint, or even old phone book pages before flattening them together. Give it around two to four weeks for the flowers to completely dry. Afterwards, you can have them framed or even included in a commemorative bookmark!

Dip them in gold

If your budget allows it, take a few stems of your floral decor and have them dipped in gold to look back on the memories of the day with a beautiful keepsake. This method of preserving flowers can make them last forever in a gorgeous appearance. While this process is still uncommon to a number of countries, this is turning to be increasingly popular in Singapore where orchid stems dipped in gold are often sold to tourists.

Taking this route in preserving your flowers may be dream-like and magical in a sense, but the thing is, it can get pricey. Even if you have ample budget, it is practical to have only one or two individual flowers dipped in gold.

Don’t let Mother Nature’s way hinder you from turning your wedding flowers into keepsakes you can hold onto for the rest of your life. While others would think of it as something overboard, it is completely understandable for brides to want to preserve their wedding day flowers. One’s wedding day is among the most important events that could happen in our lives — hence there is no harm in holding onto any keepsake which reminds you of that one special day. Who knows, preserving your bridal bouquet might just be something your future self will thank you for.

Instagram: Travel Photography Techniques for Beginners

To travel is to disconnect from our regular routine and to connect with the rest of the things life has to offer. Apart from discovering a whole lot of different customs, we collect memories that we can bring back home.

To manage amazing photos of your journey, you need not to be a professional photographer or own a fancy gadget, but you just need to know basic techniques that will take your shots up a notch. In turn, you can showcase your skills and better photo-sharing especially in a digital community like Instagram.

Try these beginners’ guide to photography and use them to your advantage:

1. Be still
Before launching photos, make sure that the camera is level. Most importantly, stay still in shooting images to prevent blurry ones. A tripod would solve this issue but if you don’t have one, hold your gadget with both hands or press your arm or leg against an object to gain balance. It’s also helpful to check your camera settings if it has action photography feature to avoid out of focus shots.

2. Rule of Thirds
Laurence Norah, a professional photographer teaches that rule of thirds tells you to break a picture into 3 equal parts horizontal, vertical or a combination of both. Find a setting on your device that allows you to use a grid and usually, two vertical and two horizontal lines will appear. When shooting outdoor scenery, it is suggested to use “one-third land and two thirds sky” technique and placing the subject close to line intersection to create a good composition.

3. Frame the subject
This is not about hanging your photo in a frame but it is about what is around to frame the subject of the image. It is like leading the viewer where the scene is.

When you figured the subject you want to focus on, check whatever surrounds it and see if there is creative way you can highlight it using framing compositional technique. A few examples of framing can be bridges, windows and doors.

This might sound a pretty easy technique but you have to be a little patient and observant as you will scout around or adjust to an angle where you can frame it.

4. Capture leading lines
Leading line is a compositional technique formed by objects, path or a line. This tool is used to draw the viewer’s eyes to a particular subject of the photo. Moreover, our attention is captured along lines as they tend to illustrate reality, as if we are standing right into the focal point. A road for example is an excellent leading line that portrays dimension to an image.

5. Experiment angles
It’s no secret that good angle can produce great photos! In shooting an interesting landscape or subject, be experimental in finding the best angle. You can step backwards, shoot subject from below or raise your camera to get overhead shot. It depends really on what you want to highlight.

How to Mend a Relationship with Someone You Blocked in Your Life

Cutting off ties with someone is mostly a sad thing to do but sometimes, it is like breaking free from a terrible time in your life like in cases of physical or emotional betrayal.

But life in general is surprising in some ways, you wake up one morning and just realize that it’s probably the best time to let go of the grudges and make peace with your past including the ones in it.

Decide how to communicate
Talking after a long period of silence is never easy therefore, carefully think of how to strike a conversation that the other person will not ignore nor shut you down right off the bat. For example, a very casual message saying “Hey” or “What’s up?” presents a very high chance of not being returned. Same is true with unannounced visit to their place or showing up in an occasion. Make sure that your first move is in a serious and heartfelt way in order for things to be patched up.

This initiation need not to be grand, you can just pick up your phone and call. If you feel that it is best to drop them a message first, then do so. At the end of the day, you are in the position who knows exactly what will work for your friend, relative or former lover—and that gives you an edge to effectively get through to them.

Tackle the issue
Before reconciliation, the reasons that drove you guys apart must be communicated. You can share your side of the story, how you felt about it or whatever it was that made you distance yourself from them. Make them fully understand why things happened that way and try to get their take on the issue, too, so that it will be made clear on both sides. “You’ll have more productive conversations and more meaningful relationships, if you enter each interaction without expectations and without pre-conceived judgement” -Tatiana Apostolova,

Going over the same problem may not be a pleasant thing to do but failing to do so may only result in an emotional pile up later on that will create another episode of conflict.

No one has ever died swallowing their pride. If you made a mistake, apologize and admit your shortcomings. That’s what grownups do.

As the conversation goes on, you might hear hurtful words from the other person and that is normal. You are humans who get emotionally wounded, accept it and understand that it will be the case on the first blow. Allow time and your willingness to patch things up calm all the intense emotions.

Work on a possible resolution
Let’s admit it, not all comebacks are successful but if there is even the slightest chance of having one, then better go for it. You made a decision to reach out again and have hopes to start a fresh eventually, so a little more push won’t hurt.

Open a conversational atmosphere that would encourage an agreement or resolution, even baby steps to heal the torn relationship.

Patience is what you need
After one or two conversations, you cannot expect things to go back the way they used to be. Sometimes, it will feel awkward between you two, just trust the process and be patient about it. Try initiating meetups or activities that you can try for a change. Build your way through the walls that have been built for a long time.

Truth be told, life is definitely short to spend it with hatred over somebody. Letting go and forgiveness is the key to set a prisoner free, and that prisoner might be you.

Benefits of Enrolling Kids in an English Speaking School

When looking for a school, one of the biggest decisions you’d need to face is whether to enrol your child in a public school where students are taught using the native tongue or go to a private school where kids are taught in English. If you want your child to learn to speak another language fluently, then going to an English speaking school may be the better choice for you.

If you are an expatriate coming from a country that uses the English language widely, then your child will not have to experience difficulties adjusting to their new learning environment. However, if your kid is not used to English as a language of instruction, then they will most likely have a hard time keeping up with the experience. You need to be there to assist your child especially after school hours. They need a hand outside of the classroom so they can, little by little, learn the English language.

Benefits of English Speaking School

There are several schools and you might want to consider enrolling your child in one. Here are few more benefits of an English speaking private school for your kids.

• Learning new language. It’s no secret that learning a new language isn’t easy. However, there are also several benefits to achieving fluency in a new language, especially if it’s widely used across the globe, such as the English language. Wherever your child goes in the future, whether it is to pursue further studies or to travel, they would be able to connect better to or socialise more confidently if they know how to speak and write in English well.

• Embracing diversity. Letting your kid attend a school that accepts students from across cultures will be a good learning experience for them. Your child will be able to learn how to deal with students of varying backgrounds. They will learn to respect differences and gain a wider perspective about foreign cultures.

• Creating environment where all kids feel valued. An English speaking school treats all students equally. Kids will feel that each one of them is important. Their needs are looked after, regardless of their background. They all have access to the same learning environment.

The happiness of your child will always be an important factor in deciding whether to have them stay in a school or move them to a new one. You need a private school that ensures positive culture for the students. You need school leaders who ensure that kids are able to challenge their critical thinking, harness their social skills, and discover their unique capabilities.

If you can take your child with you as you compare one school to another, do so. You’d also want to hear what they have to say. After all, you don’t want to spend every weekday morning forcing your kid out of bed and into their class. If they are happy with your choice of school, it will show. They’d feel thrilled to attend their classes and will make new friends eventually.

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