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About Me Once you have made a list of business you want to get into, you will want to research each one so that you can see a few different things and will be able to compare the choices. It does not matter if the business is going to be in the US or in Singapore you need to be sure to make the right business choice that is going to work for you. One thing that you will want to compare is the startup cost. The next thing that you will want to compare would be the potential for the business.

Easy Ways to Stay in Touch with Long Distance Friends

Whether it’s because they move to a different state right after graduation or got relocated for their job, there really comes a time when you can no longer just grab a drink after work and see all your close friends. While there are now more ways to stay connected with each other, feeling detached from your friend can be easy when the extent of your “staying in touch” is only through texts or emails. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to get out of your communication rut and truly connect with your long distance friend.

1. Meet Them Halfway

Is your friend’s new home just within distance? If so, choose a place in the exact middle of the cities you both live in and commit yourselves to going on an adventure to a random place. Even if you actually end up spending your weekends watching chick flicks on a hotel, it’s still an inexpensive and awesome way to fully catch up with each other sans the annoying travel time.

2. Send Postcards

It may seem old-fashioned to you, but your friend will certainly love the idea of getting mail – especially now that sending and receiving postcards rarely happens. So take old photos of you and your friend, and turn them into cute postcards. You’ll realize that it’s more fun than simply posting a throwback photo on Facebook.

3. Optimize Your Phone Calls

Often find yourself strapped for time that you can no longer call your friend? Then having a weekly or bimonthly conference call would be a great solution. Set a date when you have enough time to make calls, and catch up with your closest friends all at once. Make great use of mobile applications like Google Hangout where you get to chat up with eight to 10 people at a time.

4. Read Good Books at the Same Time

Finishing a great book and not having someone to talk about it is always kind of a let-down. To keep this from happening, as well as to creatively connect with your friend, consider reading a book at the same time. Once you’ve decided on which book to read, vow to make weekly check-ins so you can talk about everything that you both like and hate about the story.

5. Watch Your Favourite Shows Together

Create a tradition of watching your favourite shows, or any upcoming movie that you like, together through using Rabbit – a service that allows you to stream YouTube videos and movies from Netflix on one site that both you and your friend can view simultaneously. The service is done on the site, which means you don’t need to worry about installing a software or downloading an app.

It’s quite easy to develop a detachment in a long distance friendship, so be sure to try out any of these activities with your closest friends to ensure that you keep your friendship alive.

Aloe Vera Compared to Other Natural Skin Products

Aloe vera has been used for centuries as a healing plant. The part of the plant processed for health and beauty products come from the leaves. The leaves contain a meaty substance called aloe vera gel.

Let’s see how aloe vera compares to other medicinal plants that you can grow in your garden.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many synonyms and varieties that are also used as medicinal plants. The one we’re familiar with has green leaves and white streaks near the top or bottom of the leaves. It’s a stemless or nearly-stemless plant with not more than 21 leaves. It can survive with minimal water and most weather conditions. Because of the good climate in Singapore, aloe vera thrives both indoors and in gardens. With more than 400 species worldwide, a few of these Aloe have health benefits and are considered super-food by some.

Aloe Vera Latex

There are two types of aloe vera products in the market today. One is called the aloe vera latex which is obtained from a yellow, sticky substance found under the leaf skin. It is taken orally for a variety of diseases such as joint inflammation and other join problems, laxative for constipation, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, vision problems such as glaucoma, colds, bleeding, asthma, depression, varicose veins, seizures, hemorrhoids and others.

Aloe Vera Gel

The other type of Aloe product is an aloe vera gel. It is found in the cells in the center of the leaves. Aloe vera in Singapore is used for a variety of skin diseases and conditions such as acne, sunburns, dry skin, itchy skin, burns, scaly skin, genital herpes, diaper rash, bedsores, frostbite, scabies, dandruff, radiation-induced skin, lichen planus, anal fissures, canker sores in the mouth, and many more. Aloe vera gel is also useful against insects, bacteria and fungi. Not only are some aloe vera health benefits in Singapore effective in maintaining a healthy skin, but aloe vera in Singapore is used to treat hemorrhoids, arthritis, improve blood circulation, and many more.

Other Natural Skin Supplements


Peppermint is a cross between the spearmint and the water mint. It is valued for its menthol and used as an anesthetic because of its cooling effect. The leaves are used to treat colds, sinus inflammation, digestive problems, body aches, skin rashes, dry skin, and menstrual cramps. To be effective, however, it has to be used as peppermint oil.


There are two varieties of this herb used for food and medicine. The flowers are usually dried to help with the following conditions and diseases: gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids, joint pains, insomnia, inflammation and spasms, menstrual disorders, hay fever, and many more. The essential oil from the leaves are used in cosmetics too.


Thyme is also one of the oldest medicinal plants around. It has been used in embalming, cooking, and for treating various ailments. This includes acne, hypertension, cough, weak immune system, and more. It can also be used as a fungicide, pesticide and disinfectant.


This herb is used not just as a spice but also to boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, enhance memory, stop pain and inflammation, heal skin problems and slow down aging. The essential oil is extracted from the leaves for it to be effective. It can be orally ingested or applied as a salve or paste.

Pot Marigold

Marigold flowers can treat a lot of skin diseases like acne, eczema, rashes and dermatitis. It is also used to ease pain, cramps, swelling, sprains, and inflammations. Other conditions that can be treated include the following: ear infections, fungal infections, athlete’s foot, ringworm, vaginitis, and jock itch.


This herb is used for food and medicine. It can treat digestive problems like gastritis, diarrhea, heartburn, flatulence and bloating. Women can also use sage to ease menstrual cramps and the negative symptoms caused by menopause. Other ailments that can be treated include depression, Alzheimer’s disease, gingivitis, mouth and nasal problems, depression, over-perspiration, asthma, and many more.


Lavender’s essential oil is used for various skin problems in Singapore. It is a purifier and smells good too. It is commonly found in cosmetics and body products like shampoo, perfumes, and oils. Studies show that lavender can treat digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety or depression, headaches, toothaches, and hair loss. It also has anti-fungal properties and can heal wounds faster.


Basil leaves are not only used for cooking but can also eliminate digestive problems. The seeds are used to treat hypotension, cancer and others. Most parts of the plant are used in various ways to treat the following diseases or symptoms: gonorrhea, diabetes, bacterial infections, common colds, and headaches.

Gotu Kola

Like aloe vera, gotu kola is also known in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for almost any viral, bacterial and parasitic infection. This includes colds, flu, tuberculosis, cholera, urinary tract infection, shingles, syphilis, dysentery, and more. It is also used to treat diarrhea, asthma, stomach ulcers, anemia, tonsillitis and jaundice.

Tea Tree

In Singapore, tea tree oil or melaleuca oil is used for its antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. It can clean wounds, repel insects, stop the growth of bacteria and mold, treat acne, treat fungal and bacterial infections, and even treat warts. When used in steam treatment, it can clear up clogged sinuses. At home, you can boil the leaves to extract the oil.

Siberian Ginseng

This type of ginseng is more affordable than the Korean variety. Ginseng is often used as tonic to relieve stress and boost the immune system. Among its other benefits are the following: improved memory, treat menopause problems, increase appetite and stamina, cure respiratory problems, and boost energy.


Peppermint has been used since ancient times as a flavoring and treatment for various ailments. This includes cold, inflammation, digestive problems, mouth and sinus problems, menstrual problems like cramps and nausea, headaches and other body pain, dry skin and rashes, and bacterial infections of the skin.

Accounting Software Mistakes and How to Remedy Them

Even with an accounting program, it’s still possible to commit some mistakes. However, there are some errors in accounting that you simply can’t afford to make, especially if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur in Singapore. So to brief you with what these costly accounting software errors are, we’ve listed some of the most common mistakes that small business owners commit, together with the tips on how you can possibly avoid or correct these problems.

1. Not Scheduling or Performing Data Backups

Most small and even large Singapore businesses often fail to realize the importance of performing or scheduling file and system backups, and only realizes its importance when their system crashes together with the important files. Yes, you might never have to use your backup files, but if you’ve experienced any system crash, then we bet you know just how important it is to perform data backups to keep your business running.

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Schedule Routine File and System Backups. One way to avoid losing your data is to perform regular file and system backups on your accounting software. It’s even advisable that you store backup files in separate locations so that even if worst case scenarios like natural disasters occur in your area, your business will be immediately up and running.

2. Hiring an Unqualified Accounting Personnel

Let’s say you noticed that your best accounting software from Singapore isn’t giving you accurate expense and income reports: some figures in your financial report don’t add up, and your budget-to-actual statement is not as accurate as you need. You might initially think that there’s something wrong with your software, but you should also consider that the errors might be caused by the software’s user.

Poor hiring decisions often plague small Singapore businesses, since hiring a random person with a so-so accounting experience is much cheaper than getting an experienced accounting professional.

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Improve the Hiring Process of Your Company. Other than getting a good accounting software, you should also work on hiring an accounting professional that understands the industry you’re in as well as the program that your business uses. Make sure that each of your hires are experienced in terms of using an accounting software. The best way to test their skills is to ask them to perform a certain task using your software. Another option is to conduct an examination that will test the person’s basic understanding of the accounting principle as well as the accounting software that you are using.

3. Not Providing Accounting Software Trainings

Most business proprietors think that their employees can just figure out how to use an accounting software. However, today’s accounting software programs have become more complex – in fact, even working with user-friendly programs like QuickBooks can be frustrating for employees if they don’t have any resources to guide them.

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Provide Training Opportunities for Employees. Providing training materials and opportunities for your employees might require you to spend some bucks, but it will prove to be beneficial both for you and your employee in the long run. Giving them training opportunities will help in ensuring that your employees will fully understand the accounting software – its features as well as the best ways to utilize it. Moreover, conducting training will also increase their productivity since they’ll be freed up from all their repetitive tasks with the help of the accounting software.

4. Failure to Upgrade your Accounting Software

Data compatibility issues often occur when an accounting software hasn’t been upgraded. Waiting for a couple of years before upgrading your software usually causes these types of problems. In some instances, you’re stored data might even become corrupted or inaccessible if you wait too long just to upgrade your software.

HOW TO AVOID THIS: Perform Periodic Software Upgrades. Including periodic software updates in your business plan is one way to ensure that you get to upgrade your program. Remember that your software should be updated every two to three years so that your business won’t be at risk of losing any accounting data. Also, knowing when your accounting software company will release the software’s newer version will help you in getting your necessary software updates.

How Not to Look Old in Your Clothes

Fashion should make you stand out, but not because you look ridiculous or ten years older than your age. Here are the things you should avoid when dressing up.

Too Much Makeup

If you’re not going to act on stage, why use up every single piece in your make-up kit? Your make-up should highlight your strengths but hide your flaws. That doesn’t mean you have to cosplay every time you go out. Wear make-up appropriate for the occasion. You don’t want to look like a melted candle on the beach or an anemic at the office party.

Too Many Accessories

Unless you’re cosplaying as a Christmas tree why advertise all the contents of your jewelry box? Accessories should add color to your outfit, not overpower it. Don’t wear accessories that clash with the colors or cut of your clothes. For example, if you’re wearing flowery dress with a lot of frills, there’s no need to wear a chandelier necklace.

All Black Clothes

They might look good on teenagers but when you have fine lines and wrinkles on your neck and face, black could make imperfections stand out. This is when the statement “dress your age” should be used. Choose earthy colors for your skirts and pants and then pair them up with bright-colored tops so you’ll look fresh and vibrant.

You Follow Trends

If you’re a certified fashionista who’s updated with all the latest trends in clothes and shoes, chances are, you’ll look outdated in about 5 years. You’ve also wasted a lot of money on things you don’t want to use instead of investing in pieces that never go out of fashion. Jeans and simple shirts might look boring to you but they’re functional for every age and never go out of style.

Clothes that Don’t Fit

The cut and shape of your clothes should enhance your figure, not make you look like a dining table or a stripper. Tight-fitting clothes are as uncomfortable as baggy clothes. You should also choose underwear that fit properly. Ladies should have a professional fitting when they’re trying on bras.

All Vintage

Vintage clothes are so chic, but you would want to pair them up with modern hairstyles and accessories. Mix and match old-fashioned dresses with the modern shoes. Stop wearing the standard shirt, pants and blazers combination at the office. When done properly, your diverse wardrobe will be the envy of your co-workers.

Oversized Glasses

Pick glasses that are the right size for your face and shape of your head. There’s nothing fashionable about huge, thick-rimmed glasses no matter what those young pop group singers tell you. And no, you don’t look smart in them.

Too Many Hats and Scarves

Scarves on collared blazers or shirts? You’ll look like you’re about to be strangled. The combination will make your torso look bigger and people will think you have a short neck. And don’t wear big hats like a fedora unless you’re shooting a film.

An Introduction to Comics

Comics and manga have inspired a lot of films, television series, books and video games since William Hogarth’s “Modern Moral Subjects” in the 1600s came out. They probably make up more than half of the adaptations released every year, including anime. Most anime are adapted from the modern manga, the Japanese version of comics, which began in 1945.

The Early Days

Telling a story using pictures isn’t new. Our ancestors used it and even employed pictographic writing systems. A comics tells a story using images divided into panels of chronological order. What separates comics from an all-text novel is not just the illustrations but the speech bubbles. It started as a scroll to identify the characters, then later the artists used balloons for dialogues. A trend using a running dialogue below the panels was also used. In the 19th century, comics has taken the form which we recognize today. The first comic strip is “The Glasgow Looking Glass” in 1826.

Serialized Series

The first comics all pertained to politics and society. It was not until the Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday became popular among the British that a character became the focus of the story. In the US, it was popularized by R.F. Outcault’s Hogan’s Alley. In the 1920s, comic anthologies for children became popular. In 1938, the comic book Action Comics #1 began featuring Superman on the cover. That was the start of the superhero trend.

The Manga Industry

After the wars, Osamu Tezuka developed manga into an established art form by publishing volumes consisting of a hundred pages or more. His most notable work was Mighty Atom or Astro Boy. Another mangaka, Machiko Hasegawa also contributed to the medium’s popularity with her Sazae-san. Manga explores not just action and juvenile humor, but covered a range of topics from fantasy to adult themes. Today, the manga industry can compete head-on with novels. It’s also a favorite source of materials adapted into animated and live action films and television series.

Different Genres

You can find every type of comic for any reader. Manga’s genres are more defined however and do not just feature action heroes. Shoujo for example is a comic strip for females which usually have a romantic, lighthearted theme. You’ll find almost everything in manga, that is why next time someone says comics are only for kids, you know they’re wrong.

Asian Comics

Other countries have their own forms of comics and graphic novels too. India has its own graphic stories since the 7th century, but it wasn’t until the 1950s when the graphic novels first came out. Hong Kong comics include themes such as comedy, supernatural, gangster and crime, kung fu and gambling. In the Philippines, long serialized hero and love stories used to be popular. Sri Lankans like romantic themes while Malaysians enjoy adventures and warrior stories. The comic industry in China and Taiwan like adaptation of classic works. South Korea on the other hand has manhwa in the form of comic strips and webtoons.

How to Prevent Burns at Home


There is no better way to fight burns (all degrees) but to prevent it from occurring. There have been many burn cases here in Singapore but most cases can be prevented if the people around were more vigilant. This sounds easy but if you have kids around, things can be challenging. This is the reason why you have to know preventive measures you can put in place at home.

Here’s the list:

  1. Keep children out your workspace. While you are cooking or handling hot items, make sure that there are no children around. If your kinds are around, make sure to keep them out your workplace. Kids tend to be restless so there is a big possibility that they will encounter these hot objects. When you are cooking, make sure that the pot handles are facing toward the back of your stove. This is to prevent children from reaching it.


  1. Keep a fire extinguisher. Your house should be fire proof so the least thing that you can do is to put fire extinguisher. If you want more, you can install smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler system in case of fire. If you install smoke detectors, make sure to test it once a month. As for the fire extinguisher, you do not need to test it. Just check the label for the expiry.

  1. Lock it up. Kids are especially curious. They are attracted to everything that sparkles, flickers or lights. Knowing this, you have to lock everything that can ignite. For example, lighters, gas and matches. If you want to be sure, you have to store it where they cannot reach it.


  1. Check wires and outlets. Do not forget how exposed wires and outlets can pose burning risks. With this, you need to install outlet covers. This is to make sure that your children will not put anything in it. For exposed cords or wires, do not think twice – throw it already. Discard wires that are not in use.

You do not want anything to happen but it is important that you are ready for whatever that will come your way. Make sure your first aid is complete.

There are also particular jobs that put you at greater risk for burns. If you are in the workplace, make sure that you practice safety all the time. Do not ignore company policies on safety. Should there be fire, you have to be knowledgeable of your evacuation plan particularly the fire exit and the evacuation area. At the end of the day, burns can be prevented if you are keen on everything.

How You Can Effectively Stop Stroke


It is time that you examine your life and discover the things that can threaten it. Perhaps you should start with stroke. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death not only here in Singapore but the whole world. What makes it worse is that age makes you more susceptible to it. You cannot just reverse the years.

Stroke arises when the blood supply of the brain is interrupted. There are three forms of stroke that include ischemic, haemorrhagic and transient ischemic attack. Of the three, the less serious is transient ischemic attack because blood flow is briefly interrupted however it is crucial that you check with the doctor because it can lead to more serious clots. The most common stroke is ischemic where narrowing or blockage of arteries happen thereby reducing blood supply to the brain. Haemorrhagic stroke on the other hand is caused by a rupture or leak of blood supply.

Since you cannot just reverse the years to decrease your chances of having stroke, you can however manage or control the risk factors that lead to severity. Here are some tips on how you can effectively stop stroke:

Monitor blood pressure

It is imperative that you always monitor your blood pressure. Remember that high blood pressure can quadruple stroke risk if it is not managed or controlled. If it is elevated, you have to submit to treatment right away. Your goal is to maintain blood pressure less than 120/80.

The best thing that you can do is to avoid high in cholesterol foods like ice cream, cheeses and burgers. Reduce salt in your diet as well. If your doctor recommends that you take medicines, do it.

Lose weight

Another risk linked to stroke is obesity. Your goal should be a BMI of at least 25 or less. How can you achieve it? Increase your exercise time. You can also do other physical activities like playing basketball, walking or running. When it comes to eating, make sure not to consume 1500-2000 calories per day.

Moderate drinking

You will be surprised that drinking can reduce your risk to have stroke but up to a certain point. Your goal is to drink alcohol in moderation – perhaps one glass per day and not more. To make it more effective, drink red wine because it contains chemicals that can protect the heart.

Avoid diabetes

Having diabetes can increase your chances of stroke. High blood sugar can destroy vessels. Your goal here is to control your blood sugar. To do this, you have to follow doctor’s instructions by monitoring your blood sugar and exercise.

10 Iconic Human Males from Video Games

Sometimes it’s not just the gameplay that creates a successful game. There are a lot of characters that have become legendary for their appeal and story. Here are ten guys who stand out.

Dante of Devil May Cry

Dante wants justice for his slain brother and mother. The opening shows the demon hunter Dante in his office when Trish barges in and tells him that demon Emperor Mundus is returning.


Duke Nukem of Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is trying to thwart Dr. Proton’s plans to rule over the world with his Techbots. The first game was released in 1991. It has several spin-offs and a comic series.


Geralt of The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia was one of those selected to be trained and genetically-enhanced with powers. Called a witcher, he went on to become a monster hunter and traveled with his horse Plotka after he received his Wolf medallion.


Harkyn of Lords of the Fallen

Convicted criminal Harkyn was released by Kaslo to help stop an attack of the Rhogar under Ardyr, the god who once ruled humanity and was defeated by the Judges.


Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza

Kazuma Kiryu took responsibility for his boss’s death and was kicked out of the Tojo clan. He did so to protect his best friend Akira Nishikiyama. After spending time in prison, he still wants to help his former family.

Kratos of God of War

Kratos won every battle he commanded until he faced a barbarian who overwhelmed his army. On the verge of defeat, he called on the god Ares for help. He was able to defeat the opponent but at a great cost. When he attacked a village dedicated to Athena, he accidentally killed his wife and his child who were brought by Ares for such a purpose.


Max Payne of Max Payne

Former police officer Max Payne is looking for the murderers of his wife and his child. The perpetrators were high in a drug called Valkyr. Max was also framed for the murder of his partner while doing undercover work.


Nathan Drake of Uncharted

Nathan Drake finds a notebook in the coffin of ancestor Sir Francis Drake. He thinks that Drake tried to hide his discovery of El Dorado, but Nate is determined to get there with friend Victor Sullivan.


The Prince of Prince of Persia

The first game was released in 1989 and featured the Prince. He must save a princess from the vizier Jaffar. The Sands of Time series was a reboot of the older games. The Prince finds the Dagger of Time and was tricked by the vizier into releasing the Sands of Time.


Samanosuke Akechi of Onimusha

The game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japan with elements of the supernatural. Princess Yuki sends a letter to Samanosuke Akechi detailing the disappearances of servants in the castle. When he arrived, he learned that demons called genma have taken her.

20 Puzzle Games You Should Try


Tired of the usual shooters and save-the-world stories? Try your hand at one of these 20 mind-bending games.

Bejeweled’s objective is to line up three or more similar gems to make them disappear.


Braid features Tim who is trying to rescue the princess. The player guides Tim on his journey through each stage. The puzzles solved recreate the story.


Bookworm Adventures allows the player to guide Lex by defeating enemies. The combat consists of forming words to inflict damage.


Echochrome lets the player control a mannequin while traveling through different three-dimensional shapes. These shapes can be rotated and the player must avoid obstacles along the way.


Fez features Gomez who, when acquiring a red fez, sees the three-dimensional world. He must collect cubes to return the world to what it was while solving puzzles in the environment.


Gunpoint uses the elements of stealth to guide the spy Richard Conway in his tasks and to search for a murderer. The player should avoid obstacles and traps inside buildings.


Hexcells Infinite is the third installment of a series. It’s goal is to determine which cells must be eliminated or highlighted.


Lemmings allows the player to guide lemmings to an exit. A certain number of survivors must reach the exit at a specific time to clear a level.

Limbo allows the player to a guide a boy in his search for his sister. The player must avoid traps and use objects in the environment while traveling.


MouseCraft’s goal is to help Schrodinger to finally complete his invention. Mice must be guided safely to a block of cheese.


Myst lets a player travel to an interactive world in first-person perspective to find clues about the interconnected Ages.


Mummy Maze is a form of logic game where you guide a character out of a maze by avoiding the mummies and other creatures.


Peggle has fifty-five levels to complete by shooting balls at colored pegs. Points are also earned depending on how the shots were made.


Picross 3D is a form of a nonogram which allows the player to create an image on a rectangular prism by chipping away cubes.


Portal features Chell who must be guided through different interconnected rooms. The puzzle consists of teleporting Chell and other objects using a device.


Puzzle Quest incorporates elements of a role-playing game but the combat is in the form of turn-based puzzles.


Tangram is a form of dissection puzzle where you form shapes using seven pieces called tan. Magma Mobile has a mobile version.


Tetris was made by Alexey Pajitnov. Its goal is to place pieces by rotating and moving them to create an unbroken line of blocks to make them disappear.


Trash Panic’s goal is to make all the garbage fit in a can by breaking, burning, or decomposing each to avoid overflowing.


World of Goo lets the player create structures using goo. Its goal is to get the right number of goo balls to an exit.

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