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Is Coconut Water Really Good for You?

All around Singapore, you’ll see bottles and cups of coconut water being sold. Today, coconut water is being considered a great substitute to plain water. But how good is it really? Let’s find out!

All the Nutrients

Simply put, coconut water is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is known for being rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which are essential minerals for the body. Potassium is important for most bodily functions especially the heart which needs potassium to regulate blood pressure and pump blood efficiently. Calcium, as we all know, is necessary for the development of strong bones. Lastly, magnesium, which helps sustain organ function and energy production.


There have already been many studies comparing coconut water and sports drinks and how they affect hydration. Coconut water has been found to be a great source of electrolytes because of its high potassium content hence leaving a person feeling refreshed and energized after physical activities. It also has considerably less sugar compared to sports drinks, which makes it great for athletes trying to limit their sugar intake. Plus, coconut water is said to reduce nausea after high-intensity workouts.

Blood Pressure

As mentioned earlier, potassium plays a big role in regulating blood pressure. One reason is that potassium neutralizes the effect of having too much sodium in the body. Also, there are cases where imbalanced levels of minerals or electrolytes in the body can a spike in blood pressure. Because coconut water contains a balanced amount of each, it helps promote stable levels of electrolytes in the body.

Low in Calories

So you’re want to drink something sweet but you’re worried about all the calories you might get? Coconut water is the answer! It’s an excellent substitute for sodas, juice, and other high-calorie drinks. It’s a natural beverage that’s sweet, filled with nutrients, and is low in calories. Each cup (depending on how big) only has about 45-50 calories. If you’re tired of plain, bland water, go get some coconut water.

Can Help Muscles

The minerals in coconut water can also help ease muscle tension. Potassium has gotten enough attention, it’s time to give calcium and magnesium some love! They both work together to significantly reduce muscle stress. Aside from aiding the growth of stronger bones, calcium also promotes muscle relaxation. On the other hand, intense workouts can leave you drained of magnesium which can then cause muscle spasms and cramps. It’s why you’ll need to refuel magnesium, and coconut water is a great choice for that.

Hangover cure

Alcohol has a diuretic effect which means it can cause you to keep releasing water by urinating. Eventually, you’ll be dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water. You typically get a hangover because your brain and your body does not have enough water anymore. As stated earlier, coconut water is great for rehydration because of its electrolytes. It will replenish the nutrients you’ve flushed out from urination and/or vomiting.

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