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I Am So Over Him!

6 Signs That You Have Finally Moved On From Your Ex
You’ve spent days, weeks and even months obsessing over the last guy who broke your heart. Not a day went by that you didn’t feel the urge to call or text him, and even just think about him. But one day, something has changed. Could it be that you finally passed through the stage of obsessing over your ex? If you’re quite not sure, then here is a list of signs that you’re on the way of being free from all the incessant thoughts of your ex.


  1. You no longer wish for reconciliation. It’s quite common to wish for reconciliation after a breakup. There may be a time that you wanted him to come to his senses and choose to be back with you again, but if that thought has finally faded, and all you think about every time you wake up is what you’ll be doing with your BFF’s, then your obsession with your past relationship has likely reached its end.
  1. You’re excited to wake up every morning. One sign that you’ve finally moved on is that you now look forward to waking up each morning. That heavy load that you felt and used to bear down on your chest is finally gone, and you now welcome the days to come with positivity and excitement. You’ve finally stopped looking back since you already realized that the only way you should go is forward.
  1. You stopped stalking his social media accounts. You’ve finally reached the point where you no longer care what he’s been up to. If you happen to come across his photo, you can already shrug it off and just continue scrolling down your newsfeed.


  1. You’ve learned to enjoy your own company. Although this may take long, you finally discovered the brilliance of your own company. You no longer feel the need to drink and party every night to temporarily numb the pain, because the pain he brought you is no longer there. In fact, you now look forward to spending some precious “me” time.
  1. You’ve already forgiven him. We all know that forgiving someone who caused you so much pain is not easy, but it’s something that you in order to fully move on – and you’ve already done that deep in your heart, even if he never really apologized to you.
  1. You start smiling genuinely again. When you’ve finally moved on, you start to smile and feel genuinely happy again. You’re already pass the stages of grieving, healing, letting go and you’re now moving on.

Moving on and getting over the person that you once loved so much is definitely not easy, but there’s no other for you to move forward and live happily again than to move on and keep all the past things in the past.


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