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How to Keep Your Mobile Phone in Good Condition

Most people can’t live without their mobile phones anymore, but what will you do if your most important buddy bails out on you? Sure, you can replace it with a new phone, but you’ll be able to save more money by taking care of the one you already have.

Here are tips to keep your phone in good condition for years to come.

Buy a Phone Case
Your phone is an investment and it’s an indispensable item nowadays, so it only makes sense that you should protect it. Even if you handle it as carefully as possible, there will be accidents. A phone case and a good quality screen guard will protect your phone from the elements, scratches and will provide a cushion if you drop it.

Clean Your Phone
Like any electronic gadget, your phone can also deteriorate when exposed to dirt, dust, oil from your fingers, and moisture. Wipe the exterior with a lint-free cloth and use an air pressure canister to blow out the dirt in the ports. Take care of all the accessories as well, and if possible, save the original packaging in case you need to sell it, replace it, or have it repaired.

Keep Away from Water and Heat
Never leave your phone in areas near water and/or heat, because you will irreversibly damage it. Don’t be a fool and bring your phone to the beach, pool, sauna, or outdoors in the rain. Don’t place it near appliances that create heat and fire or near other electronic devices.

Keep Software Updated
It might be troublesome for you, but keeping your software updated will make fixing the bugs much easier. Your phone will run faster without any hassle as well.

Uninstall Unused Apps
Check your phone for unused apps occasionally. All of us are guilty of downloading and installing apps that we thought we might need or we thought were interesting. Unnecessary apps use up storage and the phone’s energy, so get rid of them in order for your phone to run more smoothly.

Reduce Animation
Live wallpapers look cool, but they eat up the resources of your phone. Turn off or reduce the animations that you see in your operating system to save energy.

Clean the Storage and Browser Cache
Get rid of files that you no longer need so you can create more space for others. If you have a lot of photos you don’t want deleted, you can transfer them to your computer. Check old message threads, clear the app cache, and clear your browser history to save more space.

Do Not Charge Overnight
Don’t charge your phone overnight because doing so will weaken and destroy the battery. You will need to make a habit of charging your phone in the morning so that you can monitor it.

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