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How to Create Social Media Content for Your Business

Social media nowadays is oversaturated with content that it can be difficult to compete with popular sites and take the share of the audience if you are a new business. How do you generate interest from potential customers and how can you create effective content for your social media to stand out from competitors?

Visually pleasing layout

No one wants to waste time on a site that is an eyesore. Most people do not even read everything you post and would just go over the content by picking out words. How do you encourage them to interact with your posts?

Make the design and content more pleasing and user-friendly. Readers love it when you highlight certain words or phrases because they don’t have to read everything. They also love looking at pictures and some would even look for videos which can summarize the content.

Highlight positive content

Not everyone likes to read about gossip and controversy. You can capitalize on that by highlighting the good things in your content. Articles that invoke amusement and awe can also go viral just as much as controversies. There are also studies that show that the audience is more likely to share the content if it is positive and unique.

Add a bit of controversy and gossip

You can also take advantage of the latest gossip that is making the rounds on the internet. After all, even if not everyone wants to admit it, we are all fascinated with controversy, the weird, and the macabre. Even topics that can trigger negative emotional response can be good for your company’s image.

This can also generate a lot of discussion even from non-target audience. However, you need to be careful not to turn it into a disaster for the company’s image by posting false news, backing up harmful ideas, and making fun of other people.

Tell a story and appeal to emotion

A large part of consumers make their decisions based on emotion, that is why you will find dedicated fans of certain brands everywhere. You can reach out to your audience by creating emotional stories about family, struggles in life, and even a multi-part series that doubles as an ad.

You can create characters that the people can relate to and place them in circumstances everyone has been through at some point such as falling in love, the death of a loved one, and rejection or failure.

Be responsive

A lot of people appreciate responsive sites, after all, there is no excuse not to share and post messages when it can be done easily with the smartphone. Take advantage of the current events and trends to connect with your audience.

They will more likely react to your content if they can relate to it. Even more effective is if you can also catch the attention of other people who are not your usual target audience by creating interest in current topics that can be related to the company’s products and services.

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